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Globe Customer Satisfaction Survey - Globe Help & Support

Globe Customer Satisfaction Survey

Does Globe send out customer surveys?

Yes, Globe consistently runs customer surveys via text, email, and online to ensure continuous improvement of our customer’s overall experience. We use the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to measure the likelihood of our customers recommending Globe to other people.

Who receives the survey?

Globe, TM, and GOMO customers who had recent transactions with us or actively using their accounts are randomly selected as respondents to the survey.

Will my personal information and survey responses be kept private?

Yes, please be assured that your personal information and survey responses are kept confidential in line with our Privacy Policy

Why is it important to answer the survey?

Your feedback helps us understand your needs and preferences and identify areas for improvement. This is essential for us to take action and set the course on how we can continuously improve your experience with us.

How would I know if the survey I receive is officially from Globe?

Our NPS survey is sent through the following official channels:

  • Text from 22565917
    Text from 22565917
  • Globe Online Web Survey
    Globe Online Web Survey
  • Email from [email protected]

    Rest assured that these channels are safe and replying is free of charge.

How much time do I have to answer the survey?

You have 48 hours to respond to the survey sent via text and 14 days to respond to the survey sent via email, after which it will expire, and responses can no longer be recorded. The Globe Online Survey will be open for response collection as long as the online survey form is visible on the page.

What happens to my responses if I do not complete or close the survey without submitting it?

If you’re answering the survey via text, we will be able to capture what you submitted. Your responses will not be recorded for email or online surveys if you close the window before submitting the survey.

Can I still change or withdraw my answers after submitting them?

Once submitted, survey answers can no longer be modified or withdrawn.

I don't want to answer surveys. What can I do?

We understand if you choose not to participate in our surveys. You may ignore the notifications or use the skip option.