Official List of Globe Social Media Accounts and Webpages

What are the official social media accounts and websites of Globe?

To serve as your guide, these are our official social media accounts:

Twitter: @enjoyGLOBE
Instagram: enjoyglobe
YouTube: globeph
LinkedIn: Globe Telecom
TM TambayanWebsite:
Twitter:  @tmtambayan
Globe myBusinessWebsite:
Twitter: @GlobemyBusiness
Instagram: globemybusiness
YouTube: Globe myBusiness
Globe BusinessWebsite:
Twitter: @Globe_Business
YouTube: Globe Business
LinkedIn: Globe Business
Globe Bridging CommunitiesFacebook:
Instagram: globe_bridging_communities
Twitter: @GlobeBridgeCom
Globe ICONFacebook:
Twitter: @globeicon
Instagram: globe_icon
Twitter: @GlobeBridgeCom
Globe LABSWebsite:
Twitter: @globelabs
YouTube: Globe Labs
Talk2GLOBETwitter: @talk2GLOBE
Globe LifestyleInstagram: @0917
Thea of Globe PlatinumFacebook:
Globe At HomeFacebook:

How will I know if a Globe social media account or website is legit or not?

All social media accounts and websites that aren’t part of those mentioned in the list are considered unofficial. To be sure that the information you’re getting is correct or that your concern is handled properly, please visit only our official pages.

What are the types of unofficial social media accounts and websites out there?

Below are samples of unofficial Globe accounts and websites we’ve found and their description:

  1. Spam accounts - these use Globe as an account name but the content and purpose is not Globe-related
  2. Illegal online sellers - these sell Globe hardware for modems, routers, etc. and offer free access to Globe services

What are the legitimate apps developed by Globe for us customers?

These are the main apps that have been developed by Globe:

a. GlobeOne: Data & Promos

b. Globe At HOME

c. Globe Rewards

d. GMovies - Movie ticketing app

e. TM: Promos, Rewards and More!

f. Globe Switch: Exclusive Data Offers & Rewards

These are the actual names of the apps as shown in App Store and Play Store. You may also check the developer’s info for the following:

  • The website will redirect to 
  • The privacy policy should lead you to
  • The app info should say “Offered by: Globe Telecom or GlobeTel PH”

Do you have a list of Globe Telecom’s official customer care channels?

Yes we do. Please visit us at

Can I report unofficial Globe social media accounts and websites that I came across?

Yes. We’d appreciate it if you could report them to us through our official care channels.