What is this Donate (Always ON) campaign about?

You can donate and save more organizations where you can use your Globe Rewards points as a donation.

Can I donate?

Oh, yes! All Globe and TM consumer accounts can use points to donate (Platinum, Globe Postpaid, Globe Prepaid, TM).

Hineleban FoundationDec 31, 2020
Your 100 points donation will help provide donate 1 treeHELP100POSTPAID, GLOBE PREPAID, TM
Save Philippine Seas (SPS)
 Your 1 point donation will help educate a child on the wonders of marine biodiversity
 Your 10 points donation will help educate a child on the wonders of marine biodiversitySPSHELP10GLOBE PREPAID
Your 100 points donation will help educate a child on the wonders of marine biodiversitySPSHELP100POSTPAID
PAWS Philippines (PAWS)Your 1 point donation will help in the medical treatment of rescued animalsPAWSHELP1TM
Your 10 points donation will help in the medical treatment of rescued animalsPAWSHELP10GLOBE PREPAID
Your 100 points donation will help in the medical treatment of rescued animalsPAWSHELP100POSTPAID
Your 500 points donation will help in the medical treatment of rescued animals


ABS CBN Foundation Inc.Your donation will help in relief rehabilitation efforts by SAGIP Kapamilyaand Bantay Bata ProgramsABSHELP1TM
NGF (HOPELINE)June 23 - December 31, 2020Your donation will help donate 10 point to support the operation and training of new auxiliary responders for COVID-19, a 24/7 Suicide Prevention and Emotional Crisis HotlineHOPELINE1TM

PGH Medical Foundation

(Pediatric Cancer Clinic)

Until Dec 31, 2020Your 1 point donation will support PGH Pediatric Cancer clinicPGHHELP1
Your 10 points  donation will support PGH Pediatric Cancer clinicPGHHELP10
Your 100 points donation will support PGH Pediatric Cancer clinicPGHHELP100
Walang Iwanan AllianceSeptember 17, 2020 - April 30, 2021Donations may be used by the Foundation to provide meals and nutritional support to underserved families within Metro Manila.HERO1TM
JCI MANILAOctober 21, 2020 to April 30, 2021Donation may be used by JCI MANILA for its Manila Tropical Sakura project to plant indigenous trees within the vicinity of IntramurosSAKURA1TM

Which channel can I donate to?

You can donate through the Globe Rewards App

That's great! What do I have to do to be able to donate and use my points?

STEP 1: Launch the Globe Rewards app and tap on the DONATE badge

STEP 2: Click your chosen ORGANIZATION


STEP 4: A confirmation message will be sent by 4438 upon successful donation.

If you’re donating to Hineleban Foundation, after doing STEP 4, you will:

Step 5: Click on the link in the confirmation message to name your tree

Step 6: Enter you name, Email, Mobile number and your Tree Name

How long is this campaign?

Some campaigns are until December 31, 2020 or next year.

How would I know if my donation is successful?

You’ll get a confirmation text message from Globe Rewards or 4438.


Support the operation and training of new frontline responders for this 24/7 Suicide Prevention and Emotional Crisis Hotline. Valid until December 31, 2020. Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-XXXXX, series of 2020

How many times can I donate? Is there a maximum number?

Donations are subject to a maximum of 5 transactions a day limit of Globe Rewards

I'm having difficulty using the app to donate?

Kindly ensure that you have good signal reception and data connection before transacting.

Ensure that you have enough points in your account.

How can I know more about the organizations?

To know more about the organizations, you may visit their website or official Facebook pages

How do I know what happened to my donation?

We release communication updates on points donation. It may be via email, text, social or via beneficiary channels.

What happened to the points donated?

Your points made a difference. We raised P36,453,094 for our partner hospitals. Out of this, 28Mn have already been turned over to PGH, Lung Center, RITM, San Lazaro, East Ave, Dr. Jose Rodriguez as of April 8. These donations were used to provide much-needed test kits, alcohol, and protective equipment to our frontliners. For more information on the donations, visit

Can I still donate to COVID-19 efforts?

 You may check out the GCash Donation drive at

What are the other initiatives done by Globe?

  1. Donation of surgical masks worth P5 million to Philippine Red Cross
  2. Opened GCASH as a new donation channel
  3. Sent Covid-19 text reminders as approved by DOH and NTC
  4. Free data access to DOH, NDRRMC official websites
  5. Free GoWiFi access in 18 select hospitals within Metro Manila
  6. 30-day bills payment extension to all customers, including enterprise
  7. Sent social media reminders for #SafeAtHome

To know more about  other customer advisories and Globe initiatives in the fight against Covid-19  visit

Can I still use my points to donate?

Because of your overwhelming response, we’re extending our donation drive to other organizations as well. You can use your points to donate to Paws Philippines, Save Philippine Seas, Hineleban Foundation, the ABS-CBN Foundation.

Simply go to the Globe Rewards app to view available offers or dial *143# and select the Globe Rewards menu.

Other FAQs for Hineleban Foundation:

Can I donate more than 1 tree?

Yes, you can donate up to 3 trees. All you need to do is follow the same process.

How come I’m limited to donating 3 trees? What if I have 500 points?

You can do a donate transaction for a maximum of 5 per day. If you’ve reached the maximum of 5 for the day, you’ll receive an error message. You can try again the next day.

If I don’t have time to name a tree immediately, may I still do so afterwards?

Yes. Just visit the link in the confirmation message.

Can the donor’s name be different from the tree’s name?

 Yes. The name of the tree will depend on what you will indicate under ‘Tree Name’

What happens if I’m unable to name the tree?

 Your tree will be left unnamed.

Can I be given updates on the progress of my tree’s growth?

Unfortunately, we don’t have this capability yet. But we continuously work on developing the donate feature to make your donating experience more exciting.