What is SurfAlert?

SurfAlert is a free service that protects you from unexpected browsing charges. When your SurfAlert is on, your browsing will be put on hold and you'll receive free alerts and flash notifications when your mobile phone or device tries to connect to the internet and any of the following conditions are met:

a. Your surf promo has expired

b. You already used up your data allocation from your surf promo

c. You're not registered to a surf promo

d. You try to access a site or app that is not covered by your current surf promo

e. You don't have enough load to continue surfing

If your data plan is covered by our fair use policy, you'll also receive a notification when you are lowered to slower browsing speeds.

Your flash notifications will also recommend the best surf promo for you to register to!

That's neat! How much does it cost to register to SurfAlert?

Absolutely nothing! SurfAlert is a free service offered by Globe to ensure that you enjoy worry-free surfing.

Great! Who can use SurfAlert?

This free service is available to all Globe and TM customers.

How can I activate SurfAlert?

There are two ways to activate SurfAlert:

a. Text SURFALERT ON to 8080 for free.

b. Dial *143# for free then go to My Account, select Mobile internet usage, and choose TURN ON mobile internet alerts.

Can I still browse free sites while I'm on SurfAlert and not registered to a surf promo?

Absolutely! If the site you're visiting is free of charge, SurfAlert won't be triggered and you can surf freely.

I've noticed that there are promo offers in my SurfAlert flash notifications. What are these for?

We've made it be easier for you to register to our featured surf promos when SurfAlert is turned on.

To register to a featured promo from your SurfAlert flash notification, simply type the number of the preferred surf promo in the input box located at the bottom of the screen, then select SEND.

Am I limited to the promo options that I see in my SurfAlert flash notifications?

The promos you see in your SurfAlert flash notifications are featured promos that you can easily select. You can still register to other surf promos outside what is featured in your flash notification. For a list of other surf promos, just dial *143# for free and choose surfing.

I turned SurfAlert on, but I'm not getting any alerts. Why?

You won't get notifications from SurfAlert if:

a. You're currently registered to a surf promo

b. You haven't used up your data allocation from your surf promo

c. You're not using the internet

d. You turned off your SurfAlert reminders for the day.

I turned SurfAlert on. Why can't I surf the net anymore or use my apps that require a data connection?

SurfAlert safeguards you from unexpected browsing charges when you go online without a surf promo. To surf the internet, you can either register to a surf promo or connect to Wi-Fi.

If you want to surf at the regular browsing rate, you can turn SurfAlert off by texting SURFALERT STOP, or put SurfAlert on hold for the day by texting SURFALERT HOLD. Send the desired keyword to 8080.

You can also do this by dialing *143# for free.

What's the difference between SURFALERT HOLD and SURFALERT STOP?

SURFALERT HOLD puts your SurfAlert on hold for a day. While on hold, you can go online even without a surf promo, and you won't receive any notifications when going online until your SurfAlert goes back on at midnight.

SURFALERT STOP will disable SurfAlert notifications entirely and you'll no longer be alerted when your phone or device connects online without a surf promo until you turn SurfAlert back on again.

I can't remember if I turned on my SurfAlert. Is there a way for me to check?

Simply text SURFALERT CHECK to 8080.

How often will I be getting SurfAlert notifications?

You‘ll get regular notifications only when your phone tries to connect online, or you visit a chargeable site and you're not on a surf promo.

I sometimes get SurfAlert notifications even if I'm not doing anything with my phone or tablet. What is happening?

This might happen when you leave your mobile data on as some applications on your phone may automatically connect online. When SurfAlert detects this, it blocks your apps from going online and sends you a notification.

Is SurfAlert available even when I'm using roaming data promos?

Sorry, but SurfAlert is not available for roaming promos.