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Level Up Your Streaming Experience with Globe 5G


Globe 5G will supercharge your favorite streaming apps, so you can watch your favorite shows and movies seamlessly.

Immersive Streaming

Higher resolution results in sharper graphics and clearer audio so that you feel like you're actually in the movie. 5G is designed to have even lower latency than 4G that allows you to stream and download high resolution content with less lags.


High-Fidelity Audio

Stream audio at the highest bit rates, so you can hear every detail effortlessly. With 5G, you can stream uncompressed audio files at speed, giving you a more cinematic mobile streaming experience.


The Latest Shows Best Enjoyed with Globe 5G

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Globe 5G & Content Add-Ons

Stream videos in ultra HD and impressive sound quality without buffering. Subscribe to these offers today via the GlobeOne app.


Can you use 5G for streaming?

Yes. Streaming is considered as one of the use cases where you can realize the benefits of the 5G today. Content providers like discovery+, HBO Go, and Netflix are all rolling out shows which have bigger file sizes due to improved picture quality, audio fidelity, and overall resolution. With 5G's low latency, you're able to stream these with less buffer time, resulting in a streaming experience that's much better than what 4G can offer. 

Can you live stream with 5G?

Yes. More and more live streamers and content creators are harnessing the supercharged speeds and lower latency of 5G.  5G gives live streamers the ability to quickly edit, upload, and share HD content while on the go.  

Does 5G stream better?

Being on a 5G connection means that your streaming apps - be it music or videos - have that extra headroom to provide you an even more enjoyable mobile experience.  5G is able to do this because streaming requires a low latency connection that is able to ping data to and from servers in a very short period of time.  For your next stream, try out 5G and feel the difference.