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5G Technology for Mobile - Globe

Globe 5G Mobile Technology

What is 5G technology, where is it available and what can I enjoy with 5G?

5G technology is the next generation of wireless internet connectivity, offering faster speeds and more reliable internet connections than ever before.

All Globe and TM customers in a 5G area can experience 5G mobile with the following:

  1. A 5G-capable mobile phone which is compatible with the Globe network
  2. A 4G/LTE SIM

Globe is rolling out its 5G coverage starting with the commercial business districts (CBDs) in BGC, Ortigas and Makati. Within the year, 5G coverage will soon be widespread over Metro Manila. Customers on roaming who visit the country with 5G-capable devices will be able to experience 5G outdoor coverage in these CBDs. As more 5G-capable devices are made available to the market, Globe will make sure 5G is enjoyed by more Filipinos. Outside of Metro Manila, customers will enjoy 5G starting 2021.

Globally, 5G is in its infancy stage. Besides the advantage in speed and lower latency available to customers today, a lot of exciting things are being developed here and abroad that maximize this technology. Capabilities that allow for medical surgeries to be done remotely, to self-driven cars to artificially-powered drones are all being ideated and developed by a multitude of companies. Our goal is to continuously introduce these new and innovative technologies to our customers as they become available.

How will I know if I'm in a 5G-enabled zone and already connected to Globe's 5G network?

You'll know if you're in a 5G-enabled zone since most 5G-enabled devices will show a 5G signal name or icon beside the signal strength indicator of the mobile phone.

To know if your device is 5G-capable, you can check the specification on the mobile device box/manual. You can also check to see if there's a 5G option in the network settings on your phone.

Will there be times my 5G signal will revert to 4G even if I’m in a 5G zone?

However, there may be times your 5G signal will shift to 4G even if you’re in a 5G-enabled location.

  • For 5G Apple devices, you may experience this when the battery is in low power mode, when the device's screen is off, or when it's overheating.
  • For 5G Huawei devices, you may experience this when the device screen is off.
  • For 5G Vivo devices, you may experience this when the device screen is off or when it's overheating.
  • For 5G Samsung devices, you may experience this when the device screen is off, when it's overheating, or when there’is low data usage.
  • For 5G Moto and Lenovo devices, you may experience this when the device is overheating.

What's the committed speed of 5G and is there a different experience between 5G mobile and broadband?

5G promises speed that's faster than what you can currently enjoy, depending on your device and location.

While both use the same 5G technology, 5G mobile offers high speed data services while on-the-go in contrast to 5G broadband which is designed for high broadband speed at home.

What's the actual data experience for 5G roaming?


When traveling abroad and latching onto a 5G network, 5G speed can range from 150-200 Mbps. This can be affected by:

> Your proximity to a 5G cell site. This has a bearing on both your indoor and outdoor coverage

> Whether or not the roaming partner's frequency/network band supports your 5G device's network band

> Your data roaming subscription  


On your visit to the Philippines, Globe's 5G speed can reach up to 100 Mbps and this can be affected by: 

> Your proximity to a 5G cellsite which has a bearing on both indoor and outdoor coverage 

> Whether or not the frequency/network band of your 5G device is supported by Globe

> Your data roaming subscription

I'm going abroad, how will I know if my destination country is offering 5G roaming?

To enjoy 5G roaming, make sure of the following: 

> Your SIM is 4G/LTE

> If you're a postpaid customer, your data roaming/mobile is turned ON to automatically activate Roam Surf 399

> If you're a prepaid customer, register to a Roam Surf promo via the GlobeOne app

> You're in a 5G-enabled area

Prior to your departure, check if your 5G device's frequency/network band is supported by the roaming partner in your destination country. You may also check your phone's frequency band from your phone manufacturer's website.

Upon your arrival abroad, you'll know you're in a 5G-enabled zone when you see the 5G icon displaying in your smartphone.

You'll be able to enjoy 5G roaming on your Roam Surf promo at no extra charge.

5G roaming won't interfere when you make IDD calls but your device will automatically shift its signal to 3G or 4G/LTE during a call and revert to 5G after.

Currently, our 5G-ready roaming partners are the following:

Country5G PartnerSupported Frequency



N1 (2.1GHz)

N78 (3500 MHz)

N257 (28GHz)



N41 (2600MHz)



N41 (2600 MHz)

N78 (3500 MHz)



N41 (2600MHz)

N78 (3500 MHz)



Saudi Arabia


N78 (3.5 GHz)


Taiwan Mobile

N78 (3.5 GHz)
N257 (28GHz)
N78 (700 MHz)

South Korea


N78 (3.5 GHz)
N257 (28GHz)



N78 (3.5 GHz)



N78 (3500 MHz)



N66: DL 10MHz, UL 10MHz



N77 (100 MHz)


China Mobile

N41 (2.6 GHz)

N79 (4.9 GHz)


Telecom Italia

N78 (3.7 GHz)

N78 (3640-3700 MHz) in Milan



N78 and N1 in 2020

N257 and N3 in 2021

I am a foreigner visiting the Philippines, and I am able to use 5G in my home country already. Can I continue to use 5G when I arrive?

Prior to visiting the Philippines, check if your 5G device's frequency/network band is supported by Globe. These are Globe's supported frequencies: N78 (3.5 GHz) and N41 (2.6GHz).

You may also check your phone's frequency band from your phone manufacturer's website.

Upon your arrival here, you'll know you're in a 5G-enabled area when you see the 5G icon displayed on your smartphone.

Globe 5G is currently available in Metro Manila and 8 key cities in Visayas and Mindanao. Coverage expansion continues for both outdoor and indoor.

For a full list of 5G-covered areas in the Philippines, check here.

Are there special 5G offers that I can avail?

You may avail of the following 5G offers:

Add On - Unli 5G 399 valid for 30 days

Add On - Unli 5G 999 valid for 60 days

To enjoy unli 5G, make sure:

  • You have a 5G-capable phone.
  • You may check our 5G phones here.
  • You're on a 5G network.
  • Your signal should show "5G". 
  • You may check our 5G areas here
  • You have a 5G/LTE SIM. 
  • Text SIM CHECK to 8080 to check if you're on an LTE SIM.
  • You have enough spending limit.
  • You may check this via the GlobeOne app at

To register:

  • Via GlobeOne: On the Dashboard, click "Add More Data" > Tap "Surf" > Click "5G", select Add On - Unli 5G 399 (30 Days)
  • Via text: Text UNLI 5G 399 to 8080

To register:

  • Via GlobeOne: On the Dashboard, click "Add More Data"> Tap "Surf" > Click "5G", select Add On - Unli 5G 999 (60 Days)
  • Via text: Text UNLI 5G 999 to 8080

To opt-out:

  • Text UNLI 5G 399 STOP to 8080

To opt-out:

  • Text UNLI 5G 999 STOP to 8080


  • From Nov. 25, 2021 - Until further notice


  • From Sept, 17 - Until further notice

Other reminders:

  • This won't auto-renew every month.
  • This will be charged in addition to your monthly recurring fee (MRF).
  • To check the status of your promo, text UNLI5G CHECK to 8080.
  • This will be consumed first before your personal data allowance and any data add-ons.
  • Promo validity will follow the registration date; you'll be able to keep using it even when your bill cycle refreshes.
  • This offer isn't subject to the Fair Use Policy.
  • If your registration fails due to insufficient spending limit, you may request for an increase from Globe Telecom in Messenger.

I'm on a 5G device, using a 5G/LTE SIM, in a 5G area and with an active Unli 5G Add-on; why does my plan data allowance/ non-5G promo still get deducted?

To fully utilize your Unli 5G promo, please make sure that you see "5G" on your phone's signal indicator. Check from your phone settings and ensure that you’ve selected 5G in your Preferred Network Mode (Android) or Cellular Data Options > Voice & Data (iOS).

Please note that your connection may switch back to LTE in areas where a non-5G signal is stronger. If your phone switches to LTE, your data usage will be deducted from your plan data allowance or non-5G promo. To know Globe’s 5G coverage, just go to

What should I do if my registration to these 5G data offers should fail due to insufficient spending limit?

This means your account's spending limit isn't enough to cover your promo registration. To request for an increase in your spending limit, visit us any time at Messenger.

Which mobile phones can detect a 5G signal from Globe and what 5G devices can I buy from Globe?

As of June 2021, these are the Globe type-approved devices that can detect a 5G signal from Globe:


Apple        iPhone 12

Apple        iPhone 12 Pro 

Apple        iPhone 12 Pro Max 

Apple        iPhone 12 Mini

Apple        iPad Pro 12.9 inch (5th Gen)

Apple        iPad Pro 11 inches (3rd Gen)


Huawei        P40

Huawei        P40 Pro

Huawei        P40 Pro+

Huawei        Nova 7 SE

Huawei        Nova 7

Huawei        Mate XS 5G

Huawei        Mate 30 Pro 5G

Huawei        Mate 40 Pro 5G


Oppo        Find X2 Pro

Oppo        Reno4z 5G

Oppo        Reno5 5G

Oppo        A74 5G

Oppo        Reno6z

Oppo        Reno 6 5G

RealMe        X50 ProRealMe        8 5G
Legion Phone Duel 2 5G

Samsung        Galaxy Z Fold 2

Samsung        Note 20 5G

Samsung        Note 20 Ultra 5G

Samsung        S20 Ultra 5G

Samsung        S21 5G

Samsung        S21+ 5G

Samsung        S21 Ultra 5G

Samsung         A42 5G

Samsung         A52 5G

Samsung         A32 5G

Samsung        A22 5G


Vivo        V20 Pro 5G

Vivo        X50 Pro

Vivo        Y72 5G

Xiaomi        Mi 10T Pro

Xiaomi        Redmi Note 10

Is it possible to use the 5G mobile access on a phone I’m using that isn't bought from your Globe store?

Yes, that would be possible but we can't guarantee your mobile phone's compatibility with the Globe network.

Do I need to change my existing SIM to use 5G for mobile? Would 5G work on the SIM 2 tray of dual SIM smartphones?

Your existing 4G LTE SIM is already capable to receive and use the 5G signal assuming that you’re in a 5G zone and your 5G-capable device is supported by Globe.

For iOS:

The 5G network won’t work, and the device will only be able to use LTE when dual SIM is turned on. To be able to enjoy 5G speed on your device, the dual SIM feature must be disabled or turned off. You may refer to the Apple website for more information:

For Android:

5G supports dual SIM capability where one SIM is set to 5G and the other is 4G. You may set your eSIM to either 4G or 5G via your phone settings.

Your main signal will be dependent on the signal that is available in your location.

Will 5G eat up my data allowance faster and will there be additional cost for browsing?

This is possible due to the faster download and upload speed that 5G offers. However, your data allowance and the per MB/GB data rate you now enjoy will still apply. You can track your data usage on 5G through the GlobeOne app.

For now, no additional or premium charges will apply for browsing on the 5G network. If you have a monthly data allowance on your postpaid plan or are subscribed to a data promo on your prepaid account, the use of the 5G network will just be deducted from your data allowance. If you are, however, browsing without a data allocation or a data promo, standard rates will apply.

Will I have higher charges if I call using 5G and can I make an IDD call while on 5G?

There are no additional charges for voice calls made on the 5G network. And yes, you can make IDD calls on 5G as it won't interfere with your current voice features.

Can the 5G signal be turned off? Can inbound roamers use 5G indoors?

Most mobile devices allow you to switch the 5G network access on and off. To be sure, kindly refer to the user manual of your mobile phone.

For inbound roamers, the 5G experience will be limited to the outdoor coverage for now. Inside the home or building, the signal will go back to 4G/3G. Also, inbound roamers with 2G/3G SIM cards won't be able to connect to the 5G network.

Since 5G can use up data faster, can I limit my data usage on a 5G device?

Limiting your data usage depends on your mobile phone; you may use the data saving mode of the native data tracker found in your device's settings.

What should I do if I'm connected to 5G but unable to surf the internet?

You may try doing these steps:

  1. Refresh your mobile data connection by enabling the airplane mode for a few seconds, and then disable afterwards.
  2. Restart your mobile phone and then try connecting to 5G mobile data again.

My friend and I are in the same area but why does he/she have 5G signal and I don't?

It could be that you don’t have a 5G-capable phone or your 5G phone doesn’t support the hardware and software compatibilities that we currently have.

Why are other 5G devices not readily available in Globe stores?

We're currently working to make more 5G-ready devices available to you. You may check these available 5G devices in the Globe stores and the Online Shop: Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G, Huawei Mate40 series, Huawei Nova7 and Nova7SE, Samsung S20 Ultra, Samsung Note20 series and Oppo Find X2 Pro.

Does an eSIM work with 5G mobile services? Can I set my eSIM to 5G automatic network setting?

Yes it will, as long as the 5G device that you have is supported by Globe. You'll get a 5G signal if the "Network Mode" (for Android) and "Voice and Data" (for iOS) are set to 5G on the eSIM, and if you’re in a 5G area.

The 5G network is enabled by default in 5G devices. Once you've downloaded your eSIM, select the APN and choose this as your data SIM. The network mode will be automatically set to 5G. If there is a physical SIM in the SIM slot 1, check your device network settings and choose the SIM for which 5G will be enabled.