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917Ventures’ MemoApp Accelerates and Empowers Businesses

917Ventures’ MemoApp Accelerates and Empowers Businesses with Free Paperless Document Management System

In a move to make efficient workflow and document management more accessible, MemoApp, 917Ventures’ newest startup, has launched a Basic subscription plan that provides a paperless document management system absolutely free, aligned to MemoApp’s vision of supporting businesses in their digital journey. 

This initiative is designed to give clients a firsthand experience of the robust capabilities this fully automated document management tool brings to the table.

With thousands of users, MemoApp has been a game-changer for teams and businesses seeking a comprehensive and affordable solution for creating, approving, signing, and tracking memos. Recognized for its fast, reliable, and template-based memo system, MemoApp stands out in the crowded market of approval workflows.

The free Basic subscription plan offers features tailored for optimal office document management. Users can create up to five documents monthly, benefit from a rapid approval workflow, and access basic file templates such as General Forms, Request for Payments, and Leave Forms. The ability to download files in PDF format and receive email notifications further enhances the user experience. 

"With MemoApp’s free basic subscription plan, we have a game-changer that empowers businesses and individuals to easily go paperless today, no barriers, no friction. Features such as fast approval workflows, basic templates, and document creation make it the ideal tool to boost productivity and organization in any workplace," said Carla Bianca Yap-Sy Su, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at 917Ventures.

For those who find the Basic subscription plan aligning with their needs and are keen on exploring more advanced features, MemoApp’s flexible subscription model offers the option to upgrade to its Standard plan, which offers the use of e-signatures and an unlimited number of documents, on top of the use of basic templates, PDF downloads, and an approval workflow. The highest tier, Enterprise, offers all these features plus the use of customized templates, reports, and domain listing.

Myles Salud, Venture Builder for MemoApp at 917Ventures, said, "Whether you’re a small business owner or an individual looking to manage documents more efficiently, MemoApp provides the essential tools you need. We hope users grab this opportunity to elevate their workflow by signing up for MemoApp’s free Basic Account."

MemoApp's Basic Subscription Plan is an invitation to experience a smoother, more organized work journey. A company can register for a maximum of three free accounts.

For those interested, simply sign up at the MemoApp website, fill out the required details, and the MemoApp team will reach out to them.

MemoApp is one of the ventures under 917Ventures, a wholly-owned corporate venture subsidiary of Globe.

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