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Cebu City’s Digital Transformation - Globe Newsroom

Globe Business Assists Cebu City’s Digital Transformation through Groundbreaking Workshops

Globe Business conducts workshop in Cebu City

PHOTO CAPTION: Globe Business is leading a series of workshops to support digital transformation across Visayas and Mindanao.

Globe Business, the enterprise and corporate solutions arm of Globe, is leading a series of groundbreaking workshops designed to fast-track digital transformation in the provinces and cities in Visayas and Mindanao, with Cebu City taking the forefront.

Titled "Connected Government & People: A Digital Transformation Workshop," this initiative aims to cultivate a digitally-connected nation and enhance public services and quality of life through digital innovation.

The recent two-day workshop provided an exclusive platform for Cebu City Government Department Heads and key leaders to engage and explore the possibilities of digital transformation in driving the city's ambition to become a first-world metropolis by 2025.

"As the world experiences rapid digitalization, equipping local government units with the necessary tools and skills is paramount. Through our digital solutions, we are determined to play a pivotal role in Cebu City's ambition to become a first-world city. We want to help achieve its goal of creating an efficient and sustainable urban ecosystem with world-class infrastructure, a thriving business environment, a secure environment, and a healthy populace," said Patrick Gloria, Vice President for External Affairs at the Globe Group.

The collaboration between Globe Business and Cebu City underscores the power of partnerships in pushing digital literacy and bridging the digital divide, essential to ensuring the country’s socioeconomic growth. The workshops presented an opportunity to demonstrate how Globe Business, as an enabler and partner, can support the digital aspirations of LGUs.

Globe Group’s Regional Communications Manager, Rofil Sheldon Magto, also shared the company’s banner program on hunger alleviation and sustainable livelihood called The Hapag Movement. He emphasized the important role of technology in enabling the Cebu City Government and all Cebuanos to reach vulnerable families in the city and make a lasting positive social impact.

"Our collaboration with Cebu City is an exciting step forward in accelerating digital transformation across local governments. With Globe Business' cutting-edge digital solutions at their disposal, we can significantly improve public service operations and positively impact the lives of Cebuanos,” said Ana Paula Villaflor, Globe Business Enterprise Sales Head for Visayas and Mindanao.

She added: “This partnership symbolizes a crucial progression in our dedicated mission to empower local governments and promote nationwide digital connectivity."

The initiative reaffirms the commitment of Globe Business to aiding the broader national agenda of building a digitally inclusive Philippines. By forging strategic alliances with LGUs such as Cebu City, Globe Business is making digital services accessible to all, reinforcing its vision of a connected and sustainable future.

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