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Cebu Doctors’ University Boosts Digital Learning with Globe - Globe Newsroom

Cebu Doctors’ University Boosts Digital Learning Efforts with Globe myBusiness

As educational institutions across the country are preparing for the opening of classes in August, many are preparing for the implementation of online learning capabilities. Globe myBusiness has partnered with the Cebu Doctors’ University (CDU) to digitally transform learning, so students can attend classes while they stay safe at home.

Globe myBusiness, Globe’s center of excellence in Education, has tapped some of the most recognized Learning Management System (LMS) providers in the world to help institutions transition to digital classes while maintaining social distancing guidelines. Through an LMS, educational institutions can create, administer, and document educational courses online.

“The risk for physical classes is too high so it makes sense for us to use technology to foster learning among our students. Globe myBusiness has proven to be a total business solution provider with their suite of products and services that play a key role in education,” shares Dr. Philip S.D. Larrazabal, President of CDU. “Through our partnership, we hope to recreate the way students learn in the safety of their homes.”

For CDU, Globe myBusiness designed the exclusively-owned CeLO+, also known as the CDU/Continuous Education/Electronic Learning Online and More. It is a custom-made system built from the Brightspace Learning Management System, which enhances teaching success and learning outcomes outside the four walls of a classroom. “We are now using it for full online summer classes starting June 22, 2020”, he added.

Brightspace offers an easy-to-use interface that allows educators to design courses, create engaging content using images or videos, and develop quizzes or surveys to measure progress. The system can also track attendance, present the class list, and send updates and announcements to students.

CDU also availed of free, unli Internet connectivity via GoWiFi services that can be used by the faculty when conducting online classes at school; electronic access system through Managed Radio-frequency identification (RFID) that will monitor time and date of entry of skeletal force in the school; telephony system that allows the school to have multiple phone lines embedded in one system, and broadband services from Globe.

Globe myBusiness is positioned to become the education sector’s most reliable and trusted partner for 21st century learning, Apart from Brightspace, the business solutions provider has partnered with Edmodo and Google Education to offer flexible learning options.

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