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GLAPI Taps Globe Business Cloud to Scale Digital Services - Globe Newsroom

Generali Philippines Taps Globe Business Cloud to Scale Digital Services

Facing a heightened demand for its insurance services, Generali Life Assurance Philippines Inc. (GLAPI) tapped into the power of Cloud through Globe Business to prime its business capabilities for rapid growth amidst the increasing consumer appetite for digital services.

GLAPI engaged Globe Business and Cascadeo, Globe’s Cloud Professional and Managed Services delivery arm, to help migrate its digital business operations to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and maximize the Cloud architecture that would enable the company to ramp up the services available on its website.

Prior to its transition to AWS, GLAPI operated its IT resources through on-premise data centers. However, the traditional setup could no longer keep up with the increasing demand for its digital channels.  On-premise data centers are built in pre-defined data processing capacity that will require time and investment to upgrade. 

Globe and Cascadeo assisted GLAPI in building and maximizing its Cloud infrastructure. This enabled GLAPI to easily scale and deploy its workloads while saving on IT costs.

“In less than two months, Globe Business paved the way for our infrastructure to be set up on AWS and components to be offloaded from our physical servers to the Cloud. This allowed us to complete key projects aimed at improving our operations to deliver efficient customer services,” said Carol Santos, GLAPI Chief Information Technology Officer.

Aside from helping GLAPI transition to AWS, Globe Business also provided Globe Home Prepaid WiFi devices to some of its employees to enable the company’s work-from-home setup. 

“In these pandemic times, Generali Philippines leverages its digital capabilities to provide needed services in a physically safe way for both our customers and our employees. During the early days of the ECQ, Globe was quick to respond to our increased internet bandwidth requirements as we shifted to a 100% remote working arrangement,” said Santos. “We continue to invest in digital working, and partners like Globe Business enable us to do so.” 

GLAPI has been a provider of life insurance solutions to international and local clients since 1999 and boasts a solid track record in the group insurance and credit life business.

“As with other sectors, the Cloud is revolutionizing the insurance industry as it accelerates and streamlines processes and drives customer loyalty in a digital ecosystem. We take pride that Globe continues to invest heavily in Cloud solutions to enable more enterprise customers like Generali Philippines to advance their growth and deliver higher standards of customer service,” said Peter Maquera, Senior Vice President for Globe Business. 

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