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Globe, BPO Industry to Advance Digital Adoption | Newsroom | Globe

Globe Works with Philippine BPO Industry to Advance Digital Adoption

The Philippine Information Technology-Business Process Outsourcing (IT-BPO) industry has been one of the top revenue earning and employment-generating sectors in the past years. Its strength in voice-based services as well as the continuous growth in non-voice and knowledge process outsourcing shows the promise of the sector.

The industry is an important sector that can maximize ICT to its fullest potential to boost work efficiencies and employee productivity. Globe Business offers solutions such as Cloud, Cybersecurity, Connectivity, and Business Application Services to help BPOs enable their digital transformation.

Globe Business is ushering in a mindset of going beyond business by enabling our IT-BPO clientele to do more of what they were meant for. We support them with the right technology, infrastructure and the know-how to become the best in their field,” says Globe Business Senior Vice President Peter Maquera. “One of the key components of building a digital nation is building a digital enterprise, and our goal at Globe Business is to leverage on digital capabilities to change the way enterprises operate to achieve greater business success.”

The IT-BPO industry exhibits a solid growth in revenue with an average of 9% increase yearly and holds about 13% market share of the global outsourcing market. The Philippines is a key outsourcing location in Southeast Asia, generating 1.19 million jobs as of June 2018.

The average annual increase of jobs of the IT-BPO industry has steadily grown at 6%, which makes the Philippines one of the most notable job generators globally. In addition, it is now the Philippines’ second largest net foreign exchange earner, after remittances.

Maquera adds: “We are proud that Globe Business is the trusted business advisor of BPOs in the Philippines. We believe that our strong collaboration with the industry players and our commitment to make their businesses better made us their preferred ICT partner.”

Globe Business continues to redefine how businesses work—which goes beyond functions, numbers, and performance. It, likewise, enables its clients and partners to catapult their enterprises to success by providing the right technology, infrastructure, and know-how to create a positive impact and transform people’s lives.

Visit Globe Business to know more about its products and solutions and how it can move your digital future.

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