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Globe Business Redefines Mobile Security with Harmony Mobile - Globe Newsroom

Globe Business Redefines Enterprise Mobile Security With Check Point’s Harmony Mobile

With the ever-growing digital threats against enterprises, Globe Business strengthened its cybersecurity portfolio by partnering with Check Point, a global cybersecurity provider, to arm companies with comprehensive protection capabilities to keep corporate data safe on mobile devices. 

The expansion of its cybersecurity offerings comes at a critical time as hybrid work is the new standard for work setups, and more employees are accessing corporate data from their mobile devices. This new mobile way of working has borne new cyber threats globally, accelerating the need to evolve cybersecurity measures for companies around the world.

Through Globe Business, enterprises can now take advantage of the advanced capabilities of Check Point’s Harmony Mobile, a comprehensive mobile threat defense solution that safeguards employees’ devices across mobile attack surfaces with its Complete Protection feature, equipped with App Protection, Network Protection, and OS and Device Protection.

“Enforcing formidable mobile security features on company devices is no longer optional. It has become a critical aspect in today's digital landscape, as more employees are using their personal and company-provided devices to work and access sensitive company information,” said Francisco Claravall, Vice President for Partner Ecosystem for Globe Business, Enterprise Group. “Globe Business continuously fortifies our portfolio of Cybersecurity Solutions to help enterprises expand digitally with the confidence that their data, operations, and applications are secure.”

Using their Behavioral Risk Engine, this Cybersecurity Solution can detect and block malicious apps on employee devices in real-time by applying machine learning, AI, anomaly detection, and app reputation among other techniques. This can also detect exposure to configuration changes and advanced rooting and jailbreaking exploits against data intruders. 

It also uses On-Device Network Protection, a unique network security infrastructure that enables companies to stay one step ahead of potential threats against vulnerable networks that hackers might attack to access business information. It can stop man-in-the-middle attacks on both cellular and WiFi networks by blocking phishing threats on email, messaging, and social media apps.

“Check Point’s mission is to give enterprises the ability to ‘secure your everything’ and in this new digital world, securing mobile devices is a big part of that goal. Through our collaboration with Globe Business, we’re empowering enterprises in the Philippines to strengthen their defenses against threats so they can confidently drive their businesses forward,” said Teong Eng Guan, Regional Director for Southeast Asia and Korea, Check Point Software Technologies, Ltd.

Check Point also recognized Globe Business’ dedication to cybersecurity by awarding them with the ASEAN and Korea Regional Partner of the Year 2022 during the CPX 360 2023, a cyber security summit and expo held last February 1.

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