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Globe Business Future-Proofs Enterprise Connectivity with SD-WAN Services

As more and more businesses turn to technology to thrive in new environments, Globe Business is expanding its services with a suite of Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solutions to enable enterprises to improve network management with security, agility, and cost-efficiency.

A step-up from the traditional router-centric WAN architecture, Globe’s SD-WAN is designed to deliver automated routing of network traffic; securely connect users to applications; reduce IT costs, increase application performance, and simplify WAN network management.

“With the rapidly changing business landscape, SD-WAN has become essential to the future of networking. More businesses are realizing how crucial this solution is to succeed in an evolved and digitized business environment,” said Peter Maquera, Senior Vice President for Globe Business, Enterprise Group. 

“Globe is offering SD-WAN Solutions to aid businesses in adopting next-level connectivity for their operations, allowing them to leverage emerging technologies as they navigate digital transformation,” he explained.

Taking your enterprise network efficiency to the next level

Globe SD-WAN services provide the best solution for businesses that have shifted to a work-from-home arrangement or that have expanded to multiple sites. 

  1. Using software to manage connectivity that links devices, data centers, and cloud servers over various locations in the Philippines, SD-WAN is able to streamline branch-to-head office connectivity, secure internet traffic between these offices, and help shared applications run smoothly across sites.

  2. Unlike the traditional network that requires delicate and complex operations, having software run the system allows businesses to directly view and manage how their network operates.

    By employing SD-WAN technology for their operations, business managers can easily identify their network requirements and increase bandwidth allocation to boost productivity among their employees working at different locations.

  3. Globe SD-WAN Solutions are also equipped with security features to ensure that data transmitted across the network are optimized for the best user experience, all while protecting the organization from threats and vulnerabilities.

  4. It also features virtual services that make it easier for enterprises to reach their customers, sell products more quickly, and be more dynamic in responding to business needs, because data is  accessible via the Cloud. 

Choosing the right SD-WAN solution

SD-WAN solutions improve application performance, reduces costs, increases agility, and addresses various IT challenges. It can be customised for every need and can be dynamically upgraded as the business grows.

With Globe Business, enterprises have four options of SD-WAN solutions to choose from:

  • SD-WAN Basic offers enhanced IT infrastructure control and management by transforming legacy networks into a WAN architecture. It simplifies branch-office connectivity, optimizes application performance, and increases network agility. It also lowers total costs by providing more resource usage through automated branch and WAN infrastructure to fulfill modern IT business initiatives.

  • SD-WAN Secure keeps business networks safe in real-time using a powerful cloud-based analysis engine that can detect vulnerabilities and prevent threats from penetrating your security. This helps minimize network downtime while reinforcing application reliability, for an overall seamless user experience.
  • SD-WAN Cloud streamlines the management and deployment of branch-office services, allowing you to create consistent and unified connectivity policies across applications, enabling enterprise networks for the move to private, hybrid, or public cloud setup.

  • SD-WAN Connect+ empowers companies to proactively monitor their network and conduct remote diagnostics using a cloud-based management platform for ease and immediate action, avoiding business disruptions. Connect+ is a next-generation cloud solution that offers capabilities beyond SD-WAN such as improving WAN traffic; simplifying its management; increasing its availability; providing visibility across wired, wireless, and SD-WAN, and enhancing branch security.

Globe Business offers these solutions in partnership with global experts in wireless and SD-WAN solutions, including Nokia Nuage Networks, California-based Versa Networks, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise subsidiary Aruba Networks.

Make your business unstoppable with next-level connectivity. Reach out to your dedicated Globe Business Account Manager or visit our website to discover more about Globe SD-WAN.

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