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KonsultaMD Debuts in B2B Space with Groundbreaking ‘Harmony at Work’ Summit

KonsultaMD, the country’s leading tech-enabled healthcare platform, is making a bold move into the Business-to-Business (B2B) sector with its inaugural "Harmony at Work: Building a Culture of Wellness" summit.


The summit aims to foster dialogue on employee well-being, inspiring leaders to invest in comprehensive wellness programs through innovative strategies and technologies. By promoting supportive organizations, KonsultaMD aims to revolutionize workplace wellness, enhancing employee health, happiness, and productivity.


"We are entering a new era for KonsultaMD, focusing on creating an end-to-end ecosystem of care. Our mission is to address the fragmented healthcare market in the Philippines by providing efficient and alternative solutions, increasing medicine pricing transparency, and ensuring the convenient and efficient distribution of healthcare services,” said Beia Latay, Chief Executive Officer at KonsultaMD.

Beia Latay, Chief Executive Officer at KonsultaMD.

“By doing so, we aim to shift the focus from curative to preventive healthcare, helping Filipinos develop better health-seeking behaviors and improving overall health outcomes,” she added.


Bringing together industry leaders, healthcare experts, and cutting-edge technology solutions, the landmark event delves into the multifaceted Philippine healthcare landscape, focusing on three main areas:


  • Philippine Healthcare Landscape: Attendees will gain insights into the latest research findings and successful strategies implemented by organizations to cultivate a culture of wellness, as well as current trends in employee wellness.
  • Role of Health Tech in Enhancing Employee Wellness: The summit showcases advancements in health technology and their impact on employee health and wellness, featuring innovative solutions that are transforming workplace wellness initiatives.
  • Impact of Employee Productivity through Innovative Health Initiatives: Success metrics and case studies will demonstrate the effectiveness of workplace health initiatives, highlighting how proactive health management strategies contribute to increased productivity and employee satisfaction.


Cindy Burdette, Chief Commercial Officer at KonsultaMD, emphasized the company's strategic direction: "KonsultaMD is expanding its reach into the B2B space, recognizing the significant role employers play in the healthcare landscape. Our goal is to assist our partners in maximizing their health and wellness initiatives through telehealth services, wellness journeys, and compliance monitoring. By focusing on the needs of organizations, we aim to contribute to a healthier, more productive workforce."


Cindy Burdette, Chief Commercial Officer at KonsultaMD.

KonsultaMD's entry into the B2B sector marks a significant step in its mission to provide universal access to healthcare. As the most comprehensive health and wellness platform in the Philippines, KonsultaMD offers a range of services, including 24/7 online doctor consultations, in-clinic patient services, medicine delivery, and convenient at-home diagnostics and wellness services.


As the company shifts its focus from curative to preventive healthcare, KonsultaMD is committed to helping Filipinos develop better health-seeking behaviors and improving overall health outcomes. The "Harmony at Work" summit represents a significant step towards achieving this goal, positioning KonsultaMD as a key player in the B2B healthcare space.


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