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Achieving Success with Zoom: The Philippine Computer Society Partners with Globe Business for Tech Solutions

Online meetings, events, and programs of PCS are now made more seamless by Globe Business and Zoom

Virtualized communication isn’t anything new, but with the changes we've been experiencing, industries across the Philippines and the world saw not just a rise in usage but also heightened appreciation over softwares and apps that allowed people to reach one another regardless of where they are. This pushed companies to invest bigger and wiser in terms of the technologies they install in their workspaces to maximize employee productivity and business success. 

The Philippine Computer Society (PCS), the longest-existing professional association of computing and information technology professionals in the country, recognized this need right away. Partnering with Globe Business in 2020, PCS has been able to benefit from utilizing the video communications program, Zoom, as a means to communicate with its members anytime anywhere online. 

Shifting from Physical to Online Events with Zoom 

“Globe Business and Zoom came to PCS at a challenging time,” said Mr. Titus Manuel, Board of Trustee In-Charge of PCS. “Our traditional bread and butter of live events for members and partners came to a sudden halt. COVID-19 and lockdowns disrupted our business operations, with no public meetings and people working from home. Globe Business and Zoom gave us an opportunity.”  Empowered by Globe Business, PCS utilizes Zoom Cloud Meetings, which offers free and professional plans to any company. With the free plan, 100 concurrent participants are allowed 40-minute video conferences. The pro account (an add-on feature), which PCS has been sponsored with, can hold up to 500 participants with unlimited time duration. 

Digitization Paving the Way to New Normal Conferences

“With the sponsorship and technical assistance, PCS-V was born. V for Virtual, our new platform,” added Mr. Manuel. “It worked like magic. Not only did it put us back in business, but it also made our long-time dream of nationwide meetings possible, even reaching outside the country with attendees from the Middle East, Australia, and the USA.” 

Aside from global meetings, town hall forums, and team huddles, PCS has indeed maximized their partnership with Globe Business. Over the past year, they have also been able to invite their members to take part in online learning sessions, such as in Tech Advancement and Data Privacy, and programs such as Virtual Tech Talks, where Mr. Bradley Pineda, Finance Industry Manager of Globe Business MSME Group, co-presented an Executive Briefing on Information Security. 

Globe Business Is Your Partner – Not Just a Solutions Provider 

“At the time we needed someone, Globe Business was there. It did not only provide us with Zoom accounts but also with technical speakers that added value to our programs,” Mr. Manuel said. “Today we are venturing into Professional Certification for Information Security, Non-Technical Skills for IT Professional (EQinIT), all with some form of technical and marketing assistance from Globe Business.” 

Online communication across organizations and locations has never been this easy. With Globe Business, companies and businesses no longer need to look far for dependable ways to do such. With the features of Zoom Pro, they can enjoy seamless virtual meetings, events, and programs, surpassing geographical boundaries in this pandemic. Strengthening organizations by connecting people is not only made more possible but also more fruitful.

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