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Globe Business Aims to Strengthen the IT-BPM Sector

Globe Business Aims to Strengthen the IT-BPM Sector with New Digital Masterclass Series

Globe Business - Breakthrough Masterclass

In photo (L-R): Sonjia Calit, IT-BPM host, welcomes Jonathan de Luzuriaga, President of Philippine Software Industry Association, CEO of Spring Valley Tech Corp, and Globe Business Ambassador for the IT-BPM Industry. Joining the discussion are Simon Burke, Amazon Web Services' Head of CXE Go-To Market, APJ and Wong Yuan Khee, Assistant Director of CPaaS at Bridge Mobile Pte Ltd, bringing valuable insights to the event.

The Philippines’ information technology and business process management (IT-BPM) sector continues to grow, with ₱2.5 million workers and revenues projected to reach $59 billion by 2028, or twice the 2021 figure. 

With this sunny outlook, the IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) aims to turn the Philippines into the world’s leading experience hub.  

Globe Business is committed to helping the IT-BPM sector reach this goal through a three-pronged approach: world-class talent acquisition and retention, hybrid working  enablement and digital transformation education.

With a focus on digital transformation, growth enablement, and talent capability building, Globe Business recently launched “Breakthrough: A Masterclass on Enhancing Operational Efficiency in the IT-BPM Industry,” a nationwide webinar held in partnership with the Department of Information Communications Technology (DICT), IBPAP, the Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA), the National ICT Confederation of the Philippines (NICP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Bridge Alliance.

KD Dizon, Head for Globe Business, said the company is committed to improving the Philippines’ IT-BPM sector’s global competitiveness by driving these key factors: 

  • Full digital transformation: Through Globe’s products and services, operational efficiency can be maximized with tools to automate or streamline processes in order to drive costs down, improve service delivery, build business resiliency, and adapt to changing IT-BPM workplace delivery models. 

  • Growth enablement and talent capability building: Learning sessions— such as Globe Business masterclasses and regional roadshows— provide businesses strategies and techniques to help them navigate industry challenges. Supplemental programs such as job fairs or talent pooling with the help of Asticom Group of Companies, a Philippine-based shared services company, and the Upstart Loyalty Program for MSMEs, also help them build better relationships through rewards, employee training and business consultations. 

By focusing on these key aspects, Globe Business believes that the IT-BPM sector can easily navigate business trends.

“IT-BPM has grown beyond contact centers. It has grown into global in-house software, animation and game development,” said Jack Madrid, President and CEO of IBPAP. 

“And in the years ahead, we believe that sectors like healthcare will lead the way as the industry grows in the next six years because digital connectivity is important for cost and operational efficiency. I’m happy to say that during the pandemic, we were still able to roll out with the help of our telecom partner,” he added.

Two other masterclasses were held in June: one in Davao in partnership with ICT Davao, and  another in Clark, in partnership with Metro Clark ICT Council, Inc. It will continue in the Visayas region, with a session slated in Cebu on July 21,  in partnership with the Cebu IT-BPM.Organization (CIB.O).

Participants in all events receive special offers from Globe Business, including vouchers for free training or certifications to upskill employees.

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