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Globe ICT Solutions Modernizes operations at XDE Logistics - Globe Newsroom

XDE Logistics Modernizes Operations with Globe Business ICT Solutions

As the country’s economy slowly reopens, most businesses are still required to comply with safety standards, observe social distancing, and conduct rapid testing for employees to keep facilities COVID-free. Around the world, the majority of companies are diversifying their business models to accommodate shifts in consumer behavior and the increase in online transactions.

To help meet the growing demand for localized sourcing and distribution services, Globe Business teamed up with XDE Logistics—formerly known as Ximex Delivery Express Inc., to support its digital transformation through various ICT solutions.

The enterprise arm of Globe provided the business with postpaid lines and G Suite licenses to streamline communications and enable real-time coordination among XDE Logistics’ employees. Aside from these, Globe supplied XDE Logistics with SMS credits to complement its application programming interface platform, so they can send text updates to customers. 

“Logistics companies play a valuable role in keeping supply chains and the economy going throughout this pandemic. They provide access to essential goods—bridging the gap between local manufacturers, sellers, and customers. Their services make it easier for people to remain indoors, hence decrease the risk of contracting the virus,” shared Peter Maquera, Senior Vice President for Globe Business. “We understand how significant the industry is to everyone. We’re glad that XDE Logistics trusted us to help them with their digital transformation, in line with their goal of providing outstanding services that Filipinos deserve.”

XDE Logistics continues to scale up its operations in over 40 strategic branches across the Philippines. To enable this expansion, Globe Business provided Direct Internet Access and Business WiFi for stable and reliable connections in its critical sites, as well as equipped XDE Logistics with Check Point cybersecurity to protect customer data that goes through its systems up to devices used in the cargos and by freight handlers.

“The boom of the e-commerce industry has a domino effect on logistics businesses. Initially, some of our main hubs were not fully equipped to handle the sudden increase in demand for our services. We realized that we needed to upgrade our internet, leverage on productivity and communication tools for faster process fulfillment, and fortify our cybersecurity to ensure that information shared by our e-commerce partners remains safe,” shared Jun Mercader, Digital Transformation Senior Consultant of XDE Logistics. “Globe Business was a great support in empowering us to modernize our IT infrastructure from the ground up so that we can continue to provide streamlined services for our local and global customers.”

XDE Logistics, which started out as a local produce shipping business in Cagayan de Oro, has expanded into a global brand that pairs streamlined logistics with in-house developed applications. The company is set on its vision to support the growth of businesses by making supply chains seamless through digitally-enabled services.

In the same way, Globe Business assists companies in maximizing ICT solutions to drive digital transformation in the Philippines. Globe believes that as more businesses set their digital initiatives in motion, more Filipinos can gain access to essential services—providing them with choices, solutions to challenges, and ways to find delight in life.

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