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PetPal Revolutionizes Business for Vets, Helps Expand Clientele

PetPal Revolutionizes Business for Vets, Helps Expand Clientele

PetPal, a portfolio company of Globe’s 917Ventures, is transforming the landscape of veterinary practice in the Philippines. With its innovative solutions, PetPal has successfully onboarded over 1,000 licensed and accredited veterinarians and partnered with more than 300 trusted vet clinics across the country.

PetPal Success Stories

PetPal's commitment to excellence is evident in its user-friendly platform, which is trusted by millions of pet owners nationwide. It does not only offer a seamless experience for pet owners but also provides veterinarians with an opportunity to expand their clientele and increase their revenue.

Dr. Paulo Mercado, DVM, shared how PetPal helped him grow his clientele. 

“Through PetPal, I have gained over 90 new clients, all thanks to the convenience and accessibility of online consultations. PetPal has changed the way I practice vet medicine and allowed me to expand my clientele reach,” he said. 

Similarly, Dr. Gladys Magdaraog, DVM, credited her career growth to PetPal. 

“Since joining PetPal, my vet career has experienced tremendous growth. I have gained over 60 new clients and the increased demand allowed me to open my clinic’s second branch. My vet journey with PetPal has been incredibly rewarding both professionally and personally,” she said.

For veterinarians looking to elevate their practice, PetPal offers a myriad of benefits. From setting up a digital clinic to receiving marketing support and nationwide reach, the platform ensures that vets are well-equipped to serve their clients efficiently. 

Moreover, joining PetPal is absolutely free, with no monthly fees, making it an attractive proposition for both up-and-coming and established veterinarians.

Miguel Guerrero, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at 917Ventures, passionately articulates the mission of PetPal, declaring, "PetPal is committed to elevating pet care standards across the Philippines and empowering veterinarians with the resources and backing they deserve to excel."

Carlo Flordeliza, Senior Venture Builder at 917Ventures, added, "We are immensely proud of the trust and credibility PetPal has built in the industry. It's more than just numbers. It's about making a genuine difference in the lives of pets and their caregivers."

For pet owners, PetPal offers a comprehensive suite of services, from online consultations and home vet visits to vaccinations and grooming services. The platform also introduces the PetPal Club, where members can enjoy exclusive benefits and discounts all year long. Meanwhile, digital pet booklet Pet Pawrtal makes it easy and convenient to track pets’ healthcare journey.

With its all-encompassing solutions, PetPal is on a mission to ensure pets live their healthiest lives. As the top digital pet care solutions provider in the Philippines, PetPal invites veterinarians to join their growing community and be part of the revolution.

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