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Connectivity Solution for Quick Deployment during Emergencies

Globe Introduces Connectivity Solution for Quick Deployment during Emergencies, High-Demand Situations

Leading digital solutions platform Globe has unveiled its latest technological innovation to readily provide connectivity at times of disasters, emergencies, and high-demand situations. 


CALF, or Cellsite At Less Footprint, is a groundbreaking compact solution engineered to provide immediate and efficient voice, SMS, and mobile data services during emergencies and high-demand situations such as major outdoor events, all within a limited space.

CALF at Tawi-Tawi airport

Globe recently deployed its latest connectivity solution CALF at the Tawi-Tawi airport.

Derived from its predecessor COW (Cellsite on Wheels), CALF is designed to serve a wide range of applications, from disaster response and recovery efforts to special events and targeted local network deployments that require additional capacity.


It was designed and tailor-made by Globe engineers in response to requirements in Philippine communities. 


“Globe has always been at the forefront of technology innovations. We bring in fresh ideas from purpose-driven employees to formulate innovative solutions and deploy them to serve customers well. We create great things and make them available to everyone,” said Gerhard Tan, Senior Director and Head of Technology Strategy & Innovations at Globe.


The versatile technology stands out for its minimal equipment requirement: a 220V power source and a modest 2x2 meter land space for its pole structure.


Its Quick Installation and Deployment feature enables rapid implementation and immediate activation within the same day. This significantly reduces the need for extensive manpower and numerous vehicles, streamlining and simplifying the deployment process while also cutting down on capital expenditures and operational expenses.


As a temporary mobile solution, CALF offers a coverage range from 10 meters to several kilometers while maintaining lower power consumption. It surpasses recent developments in other countries, such as the portable mobile tower featuring an antenna that extends only up to eight meters but can be adjusted for optimized signal strength.


Unlike the portable mobile tower, which relies solely on fiber or radio links to connect, CALF can utilize Fiber, Microwave, and Satellite Backhaul for seamless connection to the central office.


Globe recently deployed CALF at the Tawi-Tawi Airport, immediately providing much-needed connectivity at the critical facility. 


“With its portability and power, CALF can be readily deployed in various situations,  including emergencies and big events that need additional capacity. Through this solution, we hope to provide an agile response to connectivity demand,” said Tan. 


Globe's commitment to innovation and customer service is evident in the launch of CALF, which is set to significantly enhance the company's ability to respond to emergencies and special events, reinforcing its position as a leader in the telecom industry.


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