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Ernest Cu Says Globe Pursuing Strategic 5G Development

MWC 2024: Cu Says Globe Pursuing Strategic 5G Development, Explores Use in Health, Education, Finance, Entertainment

Globe Group is leading the charge in strategic 5G development in the Philippines, aiming to unlock and explore the technology's vast potential across key sectors such as health, education, finance, and entertainment. 

During a fireside chat at the Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona, Spain, Ernest Cu, Globe Group President and CEO, underscored the company's commitment to enhancing 5G accessibility and affordability, paving the way for innovative applications that could uplift lives. 

With 5G adoption in the Philippines still in its nascency, Globe is prepared to swiftly respond as soon as scalable applications become evident. Globe is also working with partners to make 5G devices more accessible to consumers. 

“Having been the first to launch 5G technology in the Philippines, we are well-positioned to capitalize on opportunities relating to this once we see relevant 5G use cases,” said Cu. “We see health, education, finance, and entertainment as the most relevant sectors where 5G can truly make a difference in the Philippines.”

In healthcare, 5G maybe used for remote patient monitoring, virtual consultations, virtual training, and other medical activities that can be done virtually real-time. 5G can also be used for education via AR/VR learning, task automation and analysis of student engagement using AI. 

For finance, 5G is critical for the future of banking, including in the areas of online transactions, payments via facial recognition, and smart surveillance. And in entertainment, 5G can play a role in remote production, management of wireless studios, and safety. 

Globe pioneered 5G technology in Southeast Asia in 2019.  Since then, the company has expanded to mobile, having laid down a solid foundation with 5,175 5G builds across the nation.

In 2023, Globe made considerable strides in enhancing its 5G infrastructure by adding 894 new sites, which facilitated impressive outdoor coverage of 97.90% in the National Capital Region and 92.36% in key cities across the Visayas and Mindanao.

As a result of these efforts, over 5.8 million devices were connected to Globe's 5G network in December 2023 alone, illustrating the growing reliance on and accessibility of high-speed internet.

“Globe’s strategy is primarily building 5G where it matters. We are focused on prioritizing areas with high 5G device penetration and ensuring that when that killer use case arrives, we will be ready to scale more quickly and capitalize on that opportunity,” said Cu.

Globe is not merely looking at expanding network coverage but is dedicated to bringing about meaningful change. It continues to lay the groundwork for a future where 5G technology drives innovation and inclusivity across all facets of life.

As Globe forges partnerships and collaborates with stakeholders to explore and implement 5G solutions, its strategic approach to 5G development reflects a commitment to innovation, community engagement, and sustainable progress. 

This initiative demonstrates Globe's role as a catalyst for transformation, driving the Philippines towards a more connected and technologically advanced future.

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