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July 2023 Updates: Globe SIM Registration Portal

July 2023 Updates: Globe SIM Registration Portal

Globe Sees Last-Minute Surge in SIM Registrations, Cites Customer Support and Communications Campaign

As of Jul 31, 2023

Globe reported a last day surge in SIM registrations to the NTC as the deadline lapsed and the grace period for reactivation began. The leading mobile network attributed this welcome stream of last-minute registrants to its vigorous communications campaign and the support of its customers, government regulators and private sector partnerships.

On July 25, the last day of SIM registrations, Globe saw a total 3.344 million SIM registrations, with customers rushing to beat the deadline. The following day, July 26, when deactivations began, a total of 452,997 customers caught up to reactivate their mobile services, while 126,344 more complied on July 27. 

As of July 27, Globe has logged over 52.302 million SIM registrations, covering Globe Prepaid, Globe Postpaid, Globe Platinum, TM, Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi, and Globe Business SIMs. 

A Globe survey weeks before the deadline showed that many SIM users knew that they needed to register their SIMs but didn’t have the time to register earlier as they were too busy.  This validates the last-minute surge in registrations. 

“We were surprised yet happy with the turnout over the seven-month period of SIM registration, as we have been able to cover nearly all our active users. We thank our customers for heeding our call for SIM registration via various communications channels—from print, radio, TV, and digital platforms—and our on-ground activations to reach the elderly, PWDs, pregnant women, basic and feature phone users, and those in remote areas,” said Ernest Cu, Globe Group President and CEO.

To register its millions of customers, Globe opened various platforms for convenient SIM registration, including its own online portal, the GlobeOne app,  GCash, and bulk registration portal for enterprise customers. 

It also deployed 1,572 SIM Registration Assistance Desks, including those held in support of government efforts and on its own initiative. Globe also opened Globe Stores and EasyHubs nationwide for walk-in customers who may need help to register their SIMs.  

“What pulled us through in this huge undertaking was the cooperation among Globe, our government partners, and our customers. We hope that our SIM users will continue to comply with the SIM Registration Act and register new SIMs so that they can enjoy our mobile services. After all, this is for everyone’s protection against fraud and other forms of cybercrime,” Cu added. 

The grace period for reactivation of unregistered SIMs is until July 30. Globe urges still unregistered SIM users to catch up and comply with the law, as all unregistered SIMs will be permanently deactivated by July 31. Meanwhile, all new SIMs must be registered before mobile and broadband services can be accessed.

Number Mo, Identity Mo:
Globe Spotlights Online Safety in Creative Call for SIM Registration

As of Jul 21, 2023

As the July 25 deadline nears, Globe has launched a creative campaign that emphasizes the need for consumers to comply with the SIM Registration Act to protect themselves from the dangers that lurk online. 

In the “Number Mo, Identity Mo” campaign, the online identities of popular celebrities Kuya Kim Atienza and Kiray Celis were humorously "hacked" by talented stand-up comedians and improv artists impersonating them.

"Online safety is a pressing issue in today's digital age. Through this unique initiative, we hope to drive home the point that our SIMs are a crucial part of our digital identity and must be protected. We also want to remind our prepaid customers that they need to register their SIMs by the July 25 deadline. We urge all Globe customers to register their SIMs now,” said Yoly Crisanto, Chief Sustainability and Corporate Communications Officer, Globe Group. 

To avoid becoming a victim of fraud, Globe reiterates its call for customers to register their SIMs. Globe Prepaid, TM and Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi customers may register via the GlobeOne app and Globe’s SIM registration page 24/7. 

Fully-verified GCash account holders may also utilize the GCash app. Those in need of assistance may also get help to register their SIMs in any Globe Store and EasyHub nationwide. 

Globe Postpaid, Globe Business Postpaid and Globe Platinum subscribers have already been included in the SIM registration database. For company-owned Globe Business prepaid accounts, steps to register or update details have been sent to authorized company representatives. 

Celebrity Accounts ‘hacked’ 

The imaginative take on promoting online safety started with strange teaser posts on all of Kiray and Kuya Kim's active social media accounts, culminating in a TikTok LIVE session, where the impersonators peddled entertainingly obvious scams to viewers, effectively spotlighting potential dangers lurking online.

Celebrity Accounts ‘hacked’

Kiray's impostor took her followers on a journey of transformation, promising a high-end, luxe, and more beautiful version of the beloved comedienne, ending in a live selling event and a dramatic "face reveal." Simultaneously, Kuya Kim's impersonator alluded to recent developments about a television show, promising juicy behind-the-scenes secrets, lifestyle tips, and a surprise guest, all to spark interest and intrigue.

But the real intent behind these entertaining acts was revealed two days after the livestream, as Kuya Kim and Kiray uploaded a video saying their accounts had been 'hacked.' This unexpected twist underscored their important message: online identity theft is real, and everyone should take measures to protect themselves, including registering their SIMs.

With this campaign, Globe underscores its dedication to promoting online safety. Since December 2022, the company has carried out various SIM registration drives. This latest effort adds a creative twist, amplifying the message that “your SIM is more than a number – it's an extension of your identity.” Through SIM registration, customers take a critical step in protecting their digital identity against potential scams.

The “Number Mo, Identity Mo” campaign reminds everyone that the battle against online scams is not a solitary fight but a collective effort.

Globe Simplifies SIM Registration for Fully-Verified GCash Users

As of Jul 13, 2023

Globe has made it easier and more convenient for fully-verified GCash users to register their SIMs before the July 25 deadline. 

With a simple text, Globe subscribers who are also GCash users can quickly register their SIMs in compliance with Republic Act (RA) 11934 or the SIM Registration Act. Those who complete registration will also get 1GB of free data.

"We've always believed in the power of technology to streamline processes and enhance customer experience. By providing a quick and simple way for our users to register their SIMs, we're bolstering consumer security and ensuring that their connectivity services will remain uninterrupted," said Ernest Cu, Globe Group President and CEO.

Under this new registration protocol, selected Globe subscribers will receive a  notification inviting them to register their SIMs by texting "GCASH", followed by their birthday in "mmddyy" format, to 8080. For example, a user born on May 22, 1983, shall text "GCASH 052283." This mode of registration will be operational until July 19, 2023.

By opting to register via this route, subscribers can request GCash to send their account details to Globe. They also certify that all  details earlier submitted to GCash, including their full name, birthday, sex, address, and IDs, are accurate. This showcases how Globe and GCash are working together to empower their customers and give them the ability to conveniently exercise their right to data portability under the Data Privacy Act.

Once Globe receives and validates the information provided, customers will receive an acknowledgment text message within a few days. 

The text method is the second mode of SIM registration via GCash. Earlier, Globe and GCash rolled out a registration protocol where GCash users can register their SIMs via the app. There, fully-verified users will encounter a prompt to facilitate their SIM registration. They will also receive free 1 GB data upon completion. 

SIM registration is mandated by the Philippine government under Republic Act 11934, enacted in December 2022, to combat the proliferation of cybercrime, including scams and other forms of fraud. By registering their SIMs , mobile phone users can protect themselves against cybercrime and help ensure that their SIMs are not used for illegal activities. 

With the deadline for SIM registration fast approaching, Globe is encouraging its fully-verified GCash users to take advantage of the easy registration process available through text message and the GCash app. Non-compliance may lead to SIM deactivation and potential disruption of mobile services.

Globe has several platforms available for SIM registration. Globe customers, including GCash users with unverified GCash accounts, may use the GlobeOne app or the Globe microsite at to register their SIMs. In-person assistance remains available at Globe Stores and EasyHubs across the nation.

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