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Asticom Expands Services to MSMEs, Startups - Globe Newsroom

Asticom Sets Out to Help More Businesses and Job Seekers in 2023, Expands Services to More MSMEs, Startups

The Asticom Group of Companies has set its sights on helping more businesses and improving the lives of more Filipinos in 2023, expanding its reach by serving more small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) and start-ups here and abroad.

Asticom President and CEO Mharicar Castillo-Reyes said the shared services company wants to help drive the country’s economic growth by offering cutting-edge solutions and digitization services to businesses. 

Currently, Asticom has over 200 clients from various industries, such as telecommunications, financial services, logistics, real estate, and property management.

“Asticom aims to contribute to the economic recovery of the country. With that, we endeavor to improve businesses through digital transformation and value-driven solutions and expand our reach to more MSMEs not just in the Philippines but also overseas,” she said.

The group’s subsidiaries offer a wide array of services. It includes IT and business service outsourcing through Asti Business Services Inc. (ABSI), digital business solutions via HCX Technology Partners, and engineering and infrastructure services through Fiber Infrastructure and Network Services Inc. (FINSI). 

With the addition of Acquiro Solutions and Tech Inc., Asticom can now offer a wider range of solutions to help businesses of all sizes adapt to the modern workplace.

Asticom is determined to generate new entrepreneurial ventures to increase the number of job opportunities for Filipinos and bolster the country's economic recovery efforts.

“As part of our mission and purpose to improve people’s lives, we strive to create more growth opportunities for both people and businesses. To achieve that, we continue our efforts in bridging passionate people to purposeful careers,” Castillo-Reyes added. 

In 2022, Asticom reached a significant milestone of over 5,000 employees and is eyeing a significantly higher manpower base in the next 3-5 years.

As a subsidiary of the Globe Group, Asticom has access to a diverse array of resources and expertise to help achieve its goals. The company's emphasis on advanced technological innovations and solutions that bring substantial value to businesses aligns with the Globe Group's commitment to empowering the digital landscape of the Philippines.

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