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Asticom Unveils Employee Value Proposition - Globe Newsroom

Best of Both Worlds: Asticom Unveils Employee Value Proposition

Asticom Group of Companies, a leading player in the field of tech-enabled shared services and outsourcing under the umbrella of the Globe Group, recently unveiled its "Best of Both Worlds" employee value proposition (EVP). This unique initiative showcases the company's deep-rooted culture of growth, entrepreneurship, and meaningful work that prompts beneficial changes in society.

The Asticom Group places great emphasis on the harmonious combination of workplace atmosphere, work-life balance, talent nurturing, and industry integration. This blend nurtures a setting where individuals can grow and thrive.

"Our ‘Best of Both Worlds’ EVP truly embodies our mission and purpose of improving people’s lives. By recognizing our culture of putting people first, we further enhance the environment of creative collaboration and caring teams, enabling our employees to find greater fulfillment in their careers,” said Asticom President and CEO Mharicar Castillo-Reyes.

Asticom's EVP "Best of Both Worlds" celebrates the company's distinctive work methods, combining organizational stability with entrepreneurial energy, balancing structured office time with the freedom of remote work, and harmonizing personal growth with professional progression opportunities. It also marks the convergence of tech-centric and traditional work environments.

The introduction of Asticom’s EVP is in line with the company’s dedication to cooperation and making a significant impact within the Globe Group.

"Asticom's ‘Best of Both Worlds’ EVP exemplifies our shared vision of making a difference within the Globe Group. Through meaningful initiatives that prioritize our people, it reinforces our unyielding commitment to improving the lives of Filipinos, igniting positive transformations that truly resonate within and outside of the Globe Group," said Globe's Chief Human Resource Officer Ato Jiao.

Asticom fosters an attractive workspace that lures top-notch talents, triggers innovation, and allows employees to thrive.  As a testament to this, it has received international recognition as a Great Place to Work® and was listed among the Best Employers for 2023 in the Philippines by Statista, an international market research agency.

Through the "Best of Both Worlds," Asticom endeavors to connect people and ignite their interests, inspiring them to continue working with meaning and living with purpose.

Asticom operates four subsidiaries— Asti Business Services Inc. (ABSI), HCX Technology Partners Inc. (HCX), Fiber Infrastructure and Network Services Inc. (FINSI), and Acquiro Solutions and Tech Inc.— all contributing towards the company's goal of improving people's lives.

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