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Globe, Yield Guild Games for Web3 Education in PH - Globe Newsroom

Globe Teams Up with Yield Guild Games for Web3 Education in PH, Web3 Community Summit Slated on July 15

Web3 Community Summit

Leading digital solutions platform Globe has cemented a strategic partnership with Yield Guild Games (YGG), the world's largest decentralized gaming guild network, to work together to expand Web3 knowledge through community programs, partnership initiatives, and upskilling sessions in the Philippines.

As part of this landmark alliance, Globe and YGG are all set to host the "Web3 Community Summit," an innovative platform designed to empower the Philippines' growing Web3 community. Scheduled to take place at the Market Market Activity Center on July 15, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., the event will include a blend of gaming tournaments, upskilling workshops, and a dedicated career marketplace.

"The partnership with YGG goes hand-in-hand with Globe's commitment to foster an inclusive Web3 environment to support the country's digital transformation journey," said Ralph Aligada, Director for Games, ESports, Innovations and Metaverse Partnerships at Globe. 

"As the nation’s most reliable network, we aim to be a dependable source of Web3 education and upskilling activities. We're thrilled to join forces with innovation leaders like YGG and MetaverseGo! to make this a reality."

In the run-up to the main event, a thought-provoking exchange among industry leaders dubbed the Leaders Summit Journey will take place on July 14 at Seda BGC. Featured participants include community builders, startup companies, and prominent industry entities such as MetaverseGo! and GCrypto.

YGG's pre-registered community base of over 1,500 members can look forward to learning from and interacting with the best minds in the sector, as well as participating in engaging programs and activities. This event underlines Globe and YGG's continued dedication to shaping the Web3 landscape, empowering local communities, and spearheading grassroots programs to further technological education.

"In the coming months, Globe will be launching additional grassroots programs to advance our mission of democratizing Web3 knowledge and innovations," added Aligada. "Our partnership with YGG marks a significant milestone in our sustained efforts to ensure technology becomes more approachable and advantageous for everyone."

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