Globe of Good

Sustainability at Globe is anchored on The Globe Purpose, “In everything we do, we treat people right to do a Globe of Good,” and aims to contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) to create a Globe of Good.

As a purpose-led organization, Globe Telecom seeks to create a wonderful world by combining innovation with the power of collaboration, to achieve inclusive and sustainable development for all. As the business continues to grow, the company strengthens its contribution to nation-building with an engaged and empowered workforce. Hinged on four (4) sustainability strategy pillars: Digital Nation, Care for the Environment, Care for People, and Positive Societal Impact, the company commits to contribute to ten (10) UN SDGs.


Digital Nation

We make education technology accessible to all and help shape responsible digital citizens of tomorrow.

Care for Environment

We enable programs that support climate action and continuing efforts to build the nation.

Care for People

We provide employment opportunities and economic growth within our value chain.

Positive Societal Impact

We play an active part in community development by using our people and technology as a catalyst of positive change.


Featured Programs

Help us achieve our goal of creating a Globe of Good by joining one of our programs.


Firmly stand against piracy and cybersecurity threats.

Global Filipino Schools

Create innovative learning environments to improve our next generation’s future.


2018 Integrated Report

Explore Globe's strategy, governance, and performance in shifting the focus to sustainable value creation.