Add more data in a few easy steps!

  1. Log in to GlobeOne.
  2. Tap on "Add More Data" on your dashboard.
  3. Choose from GoSURF50 to as much as GoSURF2499.
  4. Tap on "Subscribe," and you will receive a confirmation SMS.


Stay on top of your accounts whenever, wherever, with the GlobeOne app.


I’m already registered to MyAccount; can I use my MyAccount credentials in signing in to GlobeOne web and app?

Yes. You can sign up for the new GlobeOne web and app using your existing MyAccount credentials. Your previously enrolled accounts in MyAccount won’t display in GlobeOne so you’ll have to add these accounts again. 

Why can’t I add my Load Tipid Plan/myStarter Plan numbers in GlobeOne?

For now, enrollment is open to Globe Postpaid, Prepaid, and TM accounts. You may enroll/add your Load Tipid Plans and myStarter Plans in the coming months. Don’t worry, we’ll definitely notify you through GlobeOne.

Can I use my rewards points to redeem items via GlobeOne?

Yes, you may. You’ll find below telco offers displayed in GlobeOne; just click the offer whose required points for redemption corresponds to your points balance.

  • GoSURF15
  • GoSURF50
  • AddSURF99
  • PT50