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GlobeOne FAQ - Globe

Important Advisory

The old GlobeOne app is no longer available on December 12, 2022. You can now view and manage your Globe Postpaid, Prepaid/TM, Globe At Home accounts on the new GlobeOne app.

GlobeOne FAQs

What is GlobeOne?

GlobeOne is intended to be the digital companion for all your Globe needs. It allows you to monitor all your Globe accounts, track your usage and bill, request for service modification and pay your bill.

At present, Globe Postpaid, Globe myBusiness individual partners and partners, Prepaid, and TM customers can use the first beta release of GlobeOne.

How can I access the new GlobeOne?

The (new) GlobeOne is both accessible via web and app; via web at and via app by downloading it at AppStore and Play Store. Currently, it’s open to pre-selected users only.

Just register and enroll your Globe Postpaid, Prepaid/TM, and Globe myBusiness individual number to try out the new GlobeOne. Be sure to connect to the internet when accessing GlobeOne.

How do I register to GlobeOne?

You may register by using your email address or third-party credentials such as Gmail, Facebook and Yahoo! Mail. Once registered, you may start adding your Globe Postpaid accounts, Prepaid/TM or Globe myBusiness numbers.

When adding an account, GlobeOne will send a one-time PIN via text to the number being enrolled. Just key in the PIN within the duration stated in the text.

Note: If you’re already registered to MyAccount, your enrolled accounts in MyAccount won’t automatically be added to your GlobeOne account list.

I'm already registered to MyAccount, can I use my MyAccount credentials in signing in to GlobeOne web and app?

Yes. You can sign in to the new GlobeOne web and app using your existing MyAccount credentials.

Your previously enrolled accounts in MyAccount won’t display in GlobeOne so you’ll have to add these accounts again.

What requests can I submit through the new GlobeOne?

You may make the following requests through the new GlobeOne:

Service RequestBrandsAppWebTimeline
Paperless billingPostpaid, GlobemyBusiness and PlatinumYesYesReal-time
Request billing statement (beyond 12 months)Postpaid, GlobemyBusiness and PlatinumYesYesReal-time
Temporarily disconnect my line as I’m going abroadPostpaid, GlobemyBusiness and PlatinumYesYesWithin 24 hours
Temporarily disconnect my line as I lost my SIM
Postpaid, GlobemyBusiness and Platinum
Reconnect my line as I’ve settled my previous bill’s balance
Postpaid, GlobemyBusiness and Platinum
YesYesWithin 24 hours
Reconnect my line - back from abroad / Found phone (no remaining balance from the previous bill)
Postpaid, GlobemyBusiness and Platinum
Display of PUK code
Postpaid, GlobemyBusiness and Platinum
SIM activation status
Postpaid, GlobemyBusiness and Platinum
Change credit limit
Postpaid, GlobemyBusiness and Platinum
Within 24 hours
Change packs
Postpaid, GlobemyBusiness and Platinum
Redirects to G of Globe or Thea the Platinum Digital Assistant

Can I use my rewards points to redeem items via GlobeOne?

Yes, you may use your rewards points to redeem the featured rewards inside GlobeOne. To enjoy the full Globe Rewards app experience, you may download the Globe Rewards app.

Why are my rewards points in GlobeOne different from the Globe Rewards app?

The Globe Rewards app updates your rewards points in real-time while the rewards points in GlobeOne web and app are refreshed every two (2) hours.

How will I know if I successfully redeemed a telco offer via GlobeOne?

You’ll receive a confirmation message from 4438 and 8080 for the successful redemption of your reward.

Can I avail the lifestyle content freebie and paid subscriptions in GlobeOne?

Sure, you can. With GlobeOne, you can avail of data, call and text, and lifestyle subscriptions. Just click on "View full catalog" in the Plan and Usage tab for a list of all the subscriptions you can avail of with your plan.

How do I avail of paid lifestyle subscriptions with my plan?

STEP 1. From the Dashboard, go to the Plan & Usage tab, and scroll down until you see the list of Add-Ons.

STEP 2. Click on "View full catalog", then click on the Lifestyle tab for a list of all the lifestyle subscriptions.

STEP 3. Click “Subscribe” on your preferred Add-On and confirm your request by clicking on "Subscribe"

STEP 4. Enter the OTP that will be sent to you via text.

STEP 5. Accept the T&Cs and click on “Sign Up” button to proceed

STEP 6. Sign in or create your account

STEP 7. Enjoy!

Can I cancel or opt-out of my paid lifestyle subscriptions in GlobeOne?

Yes, you may. Just click the "Unsubscribe" button to end your paid subscription.

Can I cancel or opt-out my free lifestyle subscription as well?

Sorry, cancelling your free lifestyle subscription isn't available in GlobeOne for now.

What payment methods are accepted in GlobeOne?

You can now pay your bill inside GlobeOne using these payment modes: GCash, credit and debit card (MasterCard and VISA).

Online bill payment is currently available to Globe Postpaid, Platinum, Globe myBusiness and Globe At Home accounts. In case you’d like to pay using other channels, kindly contact for more details.

To make a payment, you have to be connected to the internet. There's no limit to payment amount but a minimum P100 payment is required and there are no transaction fees.

When will the payment reflect in my account?

Payments made will be posted within the same day of the transaction.

Can I get a copy of my official receipt after the online payment?

Yes, a copy of the official receipt in PDF format will be sent to the email address you gave during the payment.

Are my credit card information secure?

Your credit card credentials are secured by Adyen and is PCI DSS compliant. Adyen and PCI DSS are global compliance authentication for payment transaction settlement in banks.

Can I save my credit/debit card details in GlobeOne?

No, your card details won't be saved in GlobeOne.

Can I split my payment using GCash and credit/debit card?

Using two payment modes for a single payment isn’t available yet. But, you can make multiple payments using different payment methods by clicking Pay Now button and follow the succeeding steps.

Can I also unsubscribe from my paid lifestyle subscriptions in the GlobeOne website / app?

Yes. With GlobeOne, you can unsubscribe from any of your free or paid lifestyle subscriptions.

How do I cancel / unsubscribe from my free or paid lifestyle subscriptions?

STEP 1 Click on the "Manage Subscription" button of the subscription you want to cancel

STEP 2 Click "Unsubscribe", then confirm your request by clicking on "Confirm"

You'll receive a notification upon successful cancellation. GlobeOne will also be updated to reflect the no. of days you have left with your subscription.

I've enabled the face and touch ID but my device can't recognize me. How do I log in?

Don't worry, you'll be prompted by the app to try logging in with a six-digit PIN instead.

I'm unable to register due to the error message "6-digit PIN didn't match. Please try again."

Please click on the icon and re-enter your 6 digit PIN.

I didn't receive the OTP while adding my account. The error states "Code has already expired."

Please get a new code by clicking the 'Send me a New Code' button.

I tried logging in but got an error saying "Too many login attempts."

You may have exceeded the allowed number of attempts. Please wait for at least 30 minutes then try again. If the issue persists, please reset your password.

What should I do if I got locked out due to multiple attempts to enter incorrect OTPs?

You may have exceeded the allowed number of attempts. Please retry after 24 hours.

My data duck isn't loading, what should I do?

Please clear your browser or application cache.

How do I renew my plan inside GlobeOne?

If you're eligible - with active status and have less than 30 days in your remaining contract - you'll see the "Renew my Plan" button when you go to Plan & Usage from the menu and check under PLAN DETAILS. After clicking this button, you'll be led to the Online shop to complete the full plan renewal experience.

I heard that content offers are now available via GlobeOne. How do I subscribe?

  1. From the GlobeOne app dashboard, go to Plan Details.
  2. Tap "View Add-ons Catalog" to view our selection of content offers.
  3. Choose your preferred content by tapping "Get This".
  4. Confirm your selection and payment.

Will the subscription vouchers be automatically loaded to my existing content account?

No, you will have to access the content partner site and enter the voucher code to activate your subscription. To redeem it, just do the following:

  1. On your GlobeOne app, go to "My Vouchers".
  2. Choose the content partner.
  3. Tap "Manage".
  4. Copy the voucher code.
  5. Click "Use In [content partner]" to open the partner’s app and redeem your subscription.

Will the vouchers purchased convert me to a paid subscription afterwards?

No, these vouchers will have a definite start and end date. They will NOT renew to the paid version afterwards.

How do I pay for content subscription vouchers?

You may pay with GCash, charge it to your bill, or pay using your load.

How many times can I subscribe to content?

You may subscribe as many times as you want.

How many vouchers can I avail per transaction?

You may avail of 1 content voucher per transaction.

Can I avail of more than one subscription for the same content?

Yes, you can avail of more than one subscription.

Am I allowed to send and share these vouchers to friends and family?

Yes, but these vouchers can only be redeemed once.

I encountered an error while trying to redeem my content subscription. What should I do?

You may reach out to the content partner for all voucher redemption concerns. Just show your proof of payment so that they may verify your purchase.

I wasn't able to receive my voucher. What should I do?

Please expect a refund within 48 hours.

I purchased 10 vouchers, but I was only able to receive 4 vouchers from my initial purchase of 10. What should I do?

Please expect a refund for the 6 vouchers within 48 hours.