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Transfer of Ownership - Globe At Home

Filing for Transfer of Ownership Made Easy

Step 1

Visit the Globe store nearest you or do it online by filling out the Transfer of Ownership form.

Step 2

Enter details about the transferor/current owner and transferee/new owner.

Step 3

Attach the required documents such as proof of identification and consent form.

Note: If you’re downloading the consent form online, please choose just one page to fill out depending on your preferred payment arrangement.

Step 4

Submit the form.

Learn More About Transfer of Ownership

Note: If you’re applying for transfer of ownership online, please download this consent form and choose one page to fill out depending on your preferred payment arrangement. Attach the signed copy to your application form.

Processing Time

Your request will be processed within 48 hours.


Transfer of Ownership is FREE for Globe At Home customers. However, the new account holder must consent to settle any outstanding balance or remaining device amortization of the previous account holder if not settled before the transfer. Also, it won't incur pre-termination fees.


Transfer of Ownership won’t refresh your lock-up. If you’re within lockup, the new account holder will continue the existing lock-up. If you’re out of lock-up, it won’t be refreshed with the new owner.

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