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Inquiro - Globe Business

Powerful Data-Driven Insights for Your Enterprise

Globe Business and Inquiro can provide you data-driven, meaningful, and actionable insights about your consumers with just a mobile number. Experience the latest in data analytics with our 360 Customer Dashboard and Audience Builder.

Enrich Your Understanding of Your Customer

Find out more about your customers through helpful insights that will sharpen your strategy and aid you in creating relevant products, campaigns, and solutions.

Send the Right Message to Your Consumers

Group your customers based on their interest and purchase intent so you can provide them with the most suitable content and message.

Execute Smarter Campaigns

Make the right decisions based on insights backed up by data so you can bring more value to your business.

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Target the Right Customer Base with Inquiro Audience Builder

Audience Builder + Intelligence Dashboard

The Intelligence Dashboard gives you a holistic view of your customers. Through the Audience Builder, you can segment your audiences based on demographics, purchase intent, and interest. Download these relevant segments for use in your marketing campaigns and strategies or further analytics.

Data on Computer

How We Can Help Your Business


Push Your Products to the Right Audience

Learn more about your customers and craft the right ad, promo, or offer.


Create Better Content & Campaigns

Discover your strongest audience segments so you can come up with better content and campaign strategies.


Actionable Insights for Digital Marketing

Download your segments and use them for targeting in your next digital campaign.

How else can you use the audiences you create?

Audience Enrichment

Learn more about your customer base so you can plan out promos, bundles, and products that will work.

Digital Advertising

Use the audiences for social media ads, and to run smarter and more targeted programmatic advertising and display campaigns.

CRM + Email

Download the segments and customize promos and communications for your customers through your CRM platform, and craft creative assets and content around topics that will resonate with them.

Talk to a Business Partner

Find out how Inquiro can benefit your business operations.