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Food & Beverage

Greenlife Coconut Products

We have Francisco Rubio to thank for introducing Kakang Gata to the market in 1989. Fast-forward to today, the coconut farmer's son and COCOFED scholar is still innovating the life-giving coconut tree. The inspiration for his passion:  his father's vision to help fellow coconut farmers.

Want export-quality organic coconut vinegar, organic coconut sap aminos, coconut spirit, coconut sugar, coconut flour, organic VCO, and cosmetics? Support the social enterprise's Quezon province farmers and shop here! Every purchase gives their farming community a better life, thanks to the versatile coconut tree.

Hineleban Farms

Hineleban Farms is not just one farm, it's actually a community of them – a network of tribal communities in the foothills of Mt. Kitanglad, Bukidnon. And they grow crops that are well-loved by Filipinos: arabica coffee, taro, abaca, and even bamboo. By supporting Hineleban Farms, you not only support the local economy, but a local farmer and a local crop as well, all while enjoying some of the richest natural products the country has to offer. Gift the joy of homegrown coffee, natural honey, and so much more this season!

Hiraya Chocolates

Take your taste buds to cacao heaven with Hiraya Chocolates! This sweets brand sources their cacao from Malabog, Davao.Founder Arvin Peralta works closely with the local community to bring out the cacao's flavors using traditional chocolate-making techniques and to provide better opportunities and stable livelihood for the farmers. Their bestseller is the 72% dark chocolate bar, but they also marry the comforting and the new with Pinoy-loved flavors such as coconut, coffee, queso de bola, and chicharon. Order here to try these unique flavors!

Malagos Agri-Ventures

​​Indulge in award-winning chocolate goodness perfect for the holidays with Malagos Chocolate. The social enterprise started with rehabilitating cacao trees in Malagos, Baguio District, Davao City, seeing the crop's value in uplifting Filipino farmers' lives through sustainable practices. Today, through improving chocolate processing, farms, nurseries, facilities, and factories, they have won many awards around the world. That allowed them to provide stable income to the farmers in their Partner Farmer Program. Help Malagos continue training and supporting farmers, and shop for their chocolates!

The Peanut Butter Junkie

Get funky with this peanut butter so smooth you can turn it into a fountain! That's exactly what The Peanut Butter Junkie is all about. The brand creates a range of the smoothest peanut butter spread with the funkiest flavors, such as classic, sugar-free, chocolate, and even chili.

Each jar is handmade by a community of women in Bulacan and triple-filtered to ensure it would be the smoothest, creamiest peanut butter ever. The brand also uses their peanut butter as base for developing delectable recipes, which you can also do at home. So grab your own jar now.

Theo & Philo Chocolates

Theo & Philo is the country’s first bean-to-bar artisan chocolate brand. Careful craftsmanship guides the creation of their products, which began with chocolate bars but have since branched out into spreads, drinks, chocolate-covered mangoes and nuts, and pastries. Local artisans concoct the finest single-origin chocolates with the rich cacao beans of Davao and renowned sugar of Bacolod. At this enterprise’s helm is chocolatier Philo Chua, who continues to bring Filipino heritage to the world stage through their innovative flavors. Indulge in these proudly Pinoy chocolate creations.

Wholly Grain

Fitness buffs and snackers alike will love the guilt-free goodness of Wholly Grain’s sorghum products, starting with crowd favorites flavored popped sorghum and popped sorghum granola. Make healthier meals with fiber-, calcium-, and protein-rich whole grains, and bake gluten-free desserts with sorghum flour, perfect for cakes and muffins. Wholly Grain supports the livelihood of local farmers in Pinili, Ilocos Norte by helping them shift to climate-resistant crops. Support their goal of achieving food security and agricultural sustainability in the country and find more of their items here!

Health & Wellness

Happy Helpers

Need to clean? Leave it to the Happy Helpers! This professional cleaning service will organize your messy home in no time, because they believe a client home is where good health and happiness thrive. Founded by mothers, they have partnered with and professionally trained fellow moms in Gawad Kalinga communities who can earn income flexibly while taking care of their children and homes. They have since branched out to natural, locally-made cleaning products as well, which they both use and sell. Check the products out here.

Looca Skincare

Gift your skin with Looca, a proudly Filipino skincare brand that’s cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, alcohol-free, and paraben-free! Knowing what busy Pinoys need, each product targets several skin issues so you can achieve a low-maintenance and affordable beauty regimen.

Looca believes in empowering Filipinos to be financially independent through their business model. Glow Boss is Looca's selling partnership community that provides anyone with alternative earning opportunities.

Help individual sellers through getting your multitasking soaps, serums, and mousses on their social media selling pages! Check them out here.


Sun out? Screen up with Magwai's Reef-Safe Sunscreen! An advocate of marine life conservation, Magwai prides itself in the responsible production and consumption of their products, which protects not only your skin, but also the reef and the ocean. It all began after founders Czar and Maffy searched locally in vain for non-toxic sunblock – so they decided to develop their own. Now, MAGWAI has more sustainable yet effective items like plastic-free shampoo bars and upcycled towels. A portion of the sales goes to 1% For The Planet and WWF PH!

Plantsville Health

After learning about the threatened state of the Philippine cinnamon, November Canieso-Yeo visited its farming lands. Back then, the cinnamon farmers didn't completely understand its value – until Yeo convinced them to partner up in Plantsville Health. Now, the brand has integrated its conservation with the processing and distribution of cinnamon-inspired products, like bark chips and sugar. Their partner farmers in Negros Occidental organically grow the Philippine cinnamon for a sustainable livelihood in the face of climate change. Support them by shopping here.

Reef Picks

Eco-friendly, uniquely Filipino gifts and souvenirs are Reef Pick’s expertise. From buri bayong bags and boxes to shampoo bars and sisal soap savers, their wide range of goods promotes daily conservation and sustainable living using natural and upcycled coastal materials. The brainchild of dive tour company Reef Nomads, Reef Picks works closely with the fishing community of Isla Verde, Batangas through livelihood opportunities and community empowerment programs. They frequently collaborate with fellow local social enterprises to develop new products. Discover their handmade eco-offerings.

Home Decor & Textiles

BalaiKamay Enterprise

Give your home a natural and loving feel with BalaiKamay's handcrafted and sustainable products. Each one, from decorative pieces, furniture, to toys, was handcrafted from repurposed wood and non-timber forest products by highly skilled but underprivileged Filipino carpenters. BalaiKamay's vision is to create a sustainable livelihood for these workers, all while protecting our natural resources. Take a look at their catalog.

HABI Lifestyle

Make each footstep happy with HABI Lifestyle, a fashion brand providing sustainable yet chic woven alternatives to your everyday items. HABI began with footwear, but they have expanded their catalog to include bags, purses, and more. To create these stylish lifestyle items out of upcycled or eco-friendly materials, HABI works with weaving artisans from underprivileged communities in Quezon City, Lanao del Sur, Basilan, and Ifugao, providing them with opportunities, livelihood, artistry, empowerment, and education. You can help these communities and the earth by purchasing HABI products.


Add a restful touch to any home with Locano's woven crafts: skillfully pedal-loomed by the artisan women of Vigan and Santa, Ilocos and Bangar, La Union. Modern meets tradition in their inabel blankets, sanepa,  trambia, and towels in Binetwagan patterns. 

Though weavers take hours to create these perfectly woven blankets, Locano only operates during the off-season, so they can help their families farm during harvest season.  Locano founder Chem Torrente finds joy in preserving traditions through responsible entrepreneurship. Support their advocacy and shop for these exquisite pieces.

The Bamboo Company

The Bamboo Company started with a story of an island paradise that was in danger of being lost, something that still rings true for most parts of the Philippines. This reality sparked founder Jamico Jamlang's switch to eco-friendly products with a cause. Finding an easy-to-grow and environmentally friendly material in bamboo, the company has since rolled out numerous products from personal care and office supplies to toiletries. Their goal is to replace one-use plastic products in the market, all while giving over 22 families a sustainable livelihood. Explore their products here!


Creative Definitions

Take the first step to infusing your wardrobe with statements and 100% Filipino pieces! Nothing says local like piña cotton, and this is exactly Creative Definition's focus. From clothing to home decoration, these are versatile and stylish pieces that support a rich cultural history and several weaving communities in the Negros region. Since 2008, founders Mike and Banj Claparols' vision for their social enterprise was both to promote the weaving culture and achieve long-term sustainability for their weavers. Add a touch of piña to your wardrobe now by checking out Creative Definitions.

HTP Clothing

From humble beginnings selling preloved clothes, Founder Ricca del Rosario banked on her eye for detail and close customer relationships when she established HTP Clothing. Her market wants quality yet affordable clothes, and she found that the best quality comes from the Bulacan, Quezon Province, Rizal, and Metro Manila seamstresses she supports. 

Find timeless tops, pants, bags, slides, and even PPEs, or support HTP Basics' resellers. Helping aspiring entrepreneurs, their hassle-free reseller packages start at ₱1,500 for 10 tees available on e-commerce sites. You can even be one yourself!

Accessories & Others


Gouache creates stylish and functional bags for both city life and weekend adventures. Their products are made by local artisans in Marikina, where the Gouache team introduced the canvas waxing technique to give every product a distinct finish. And because each is handcrafted, no two bags are the same! Gouache ensures that whatever goes into their products is sourced and made locally, empowering a traditionally artisan community in the Philippine shoe capital. Add a touch of the Gouache style to your look; check out their catalog!

Jacinto & Lirio

Make indigenous look sexy with Jacinto & Lirio's eco-iconic and multi-functional leather goods! Their beautifully handcrafted lifestyle items are made from water hyacinth, an aquatic plant infesting our waters, affecting not just marine life but also fishing communities nearby. The brand wanted to transform this challenge into an opportunity, so they tapped water hyacinth communities in Las Piñas, Pampanga, and Laguna to be their partner in crafting high-quality indigenous leather goods for local and global markets. Support these communities and shop for stylish, sustainable crafts.


Bring a piece of heritage wherever you go with Obrano Heritage Goods. From wallets and bags to keyholders and lanyards, all of their beautifully unique products use genuine leather and handwoven textiles. Obrano is known for drawing inspiration from both local and international artisans, like a community of mothers near Mayon Volcano, or the weavers of Laos. Each leather good is locally made, carefully hand-stitched by weavers across the country, and handcrafted by Marikina artisans for a perfect balance of function, durability, and style. Order your piece of heritage now.

The Spark Project / Spark Books

Breathe life into your big ideas with The Spark Project, an award-winning platform that links entrepreneurs with supporters who share the same vision. The channel brings passionate local creatives, founders, backers, and partners together to build up businesses consciously and sustainably. Their newest venture is Spark Books, a crowdfunding program that guides authors through the self-publishing process. Founder Patch Dulay’s ReSpark is the first title to be published under this division, followed by Isis Huang’s love poems collection. Catch the ReSpark and Into My Heart books.

Roots Collective

The Roots Collective is your go-to hub for social and earth-friendly Filipino products. This community is passionate about helping startups and bridging them to conscious consumers. They do this through community development, capacity-building, and market access. Find anything from fashion to skincare to food in their online shop, and support their pool of local MSMEs that give back to nature and local communities! Gift local and enjoy artisanal products from brands like BalaiKamay, Gouache, Hiraya Chocolates, Jacinto & Lirio, Hineleban Farms, The Bamboo Company, HABI Lifestyle, and more.