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Art in the Park 2024 Highlights

5 Must-See Highlights at Art in the Park 2024

Are you itching to fill that empty space on your wall with paintings? Or maybe you just love to surround yourself with beautiful things. Then, indulge your artistic desires at Art in the Park on March 17, 2024. This vibrant outdoor event, held from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., at Jaime Velasquez Park, Makati City, offers an opportunity to discover contemporary Filipino art. Whether you're an art enthusiast, a connoisseur, or simply passing by, it’s the perfect occasion to get your hands on a unique and inspiring piece. Plus, admission is free!


The 18th edition of Art in the Park highlights three artists renowned for their unique storytelling through art. This must-attend event also features a range of diverse art forms, interactive installations, delicious dining options, and live music. Keep reading to discover the highlights.

1. Meet 2024’s Featured Artists

• OPEN sFACE by Demi Padua

Photo of Demi Padua’s work for OPEN sFACE.

Demi Padua creates profound stories through his art.

Image Credit: Art in the Park

Uncover the power of art to reflect self-exploration. Demi Padua masterfully blends figurative and abstract elements in his collage-like portraits, tackling themes of identity and expression. His work uses a vivid contrast of hues to show the nuances of human emotion and the complexity of self-discovery. An Art in the Park mainstay since 2006, Padua's art reflects his innovative approach, capturing the surreal and the real with equal finesse.

• Bricks and Mortar and a Backdoor by Pepe Delfin

Photo of Pepe Delfin’s work for Bricks and Mortar and a Backdoor.

Pepe Delfin blends bold colors and shapes, revealing personal stories and connections.

Image Credit: Pepe Delfin

Immerse yourself in Pepe Delfin’s world. Witness how she merges abstract art with geometric shapes and lines to craft narratives rooted in her experiences and observations. Her art spans paintings to video installations, vividly exploring solitude and emotions. Influenced by the Bauhaus movement and Josef Albers' color theory, Delfin uses vibrant hues and structured forms to express a range of emotions, showcasing her ability to connect with contemporary life and personal relationships through her art.

• Just As You Take My Hand by Clarence Chun

Photo of Clarence Chun’s work “I took a pain pill.”

View Clarence Chun's work and journey through abstract layers that connect cultures and memories.

Image Credit: Clarence Chun IG

Get ready to go on a journey through time and cultures. Step into the abstract world of Clarence Chun, who weaves narratives from his experiences living in both the Philippines and Hawaii. His work, rich in movement and memory, draws from his life as an immigrant, incorporating influences from comic books to Chinese landscapes. Chun's technique involves building layers of color into complex scenes, bridging cultures through his art. Living and working between Manila and Honolulu, his art showcases a journey through time, places, and fleeting memories.

2. Explore Creativity with 60 Exhibitors

Photo of artwork from Galeria de las Islas.

Don’t miss out on art like these pieces by artist Emeterio “Mang Emet” Valente, titled “Magkasintahan / Leisure Hour.”

Image Credit: Clarence Chun IG

Feast your eyes on an explosion of creativity at Art in the Park! It gathers 60 participants, including established galleries, emerging art collectives, innovative independent spaces, and creative student groups. You can explore various art forms, from paintings and sculptures to contemporary installations. This diversity provides you with opportunities to connect with artists, learn about new perspectives, and possibly find art that resonates on a personal level.


The participants include: Ang INK, Archivo 1984, Art for Space, Art LAB: Atelier Cesare & Jean Marie Syjuco, Art Toys PH, Art Underground, Art Verité, Artbeat Collective, Artery Art Space,Authenticity Zero Collective, Avellana Art Gallery, Boston Art Gallery, Cartellino, Cevio Art Haus, Cornerstone Pottery, FA Gallery, FotomotoPH, Fuse Projects, Galería de las Islas, Galeria Paloma, Galerie Anna, Galerie Artes, Galerie Stephanie, ILCP Art Space x louta et al, ISTORYA STUDIOS, J Studio, Jon and Tessy Pettyjohn, Kaida Contemporary, KalawakanSpacetime, KASIBULAN, Komiket, Kulay Art Group, Kuta Artists Group, Lakan Sustainables, Looking for Juan, MAG, Metro Art Gallery, MONO8, Museum Foundation of the Philippines, Nineveh Artspace, Orange Project, Pintô Art Museum and Arboretum, Qube Gallery, Redlab, Resurrection Furniture, Sheerjoy Collective, Sierra Madre Gallery (Joey De Castro), Space Encounters, Superduper Gallery, The Mighty Bhutens, The Photography Collective, The Thursday Group, Tin-Aw Art Projects, Tiny Canvas, UP Artists Circle, UP College of Fine Arts, Urban Sketchers Manila, Village Art Gallery, Vinyl on Vinyl, Vmeme Contemporary, White Walls Gallery, and Ysobel Art Gallery.

3. Interact with Art Installations

Photo of an art installation at Art in the Park with Kidlat de Guia.

Engage with installations that blur art boundaries and be part of the canvas.

Image Credit: Art in the Park Facebook

Become part of the artwork and engage with art installations. This year, featured artist Pepe Delfin has created a dynamic mural depicting an empty city. Leave your mark and add a colorful sticker to the mural to symbolize your place within the community. This activity aims to foster a sense of connection and collective creativity, blurring the roles between artist and audience and enhancing the event's communal spirit. You can also take part in the Globe’s live mural wall. By donating one Rewards point to The Hapag Movement via the GlobeOne app, you get five minutes of painting time in the mural.

4. Discover Affordable Finds

Photo of a booth in Art in the Park 2023.

Find art treasures within your budget at Art in the Park.

Image Credit: Art in the Park Facebook

Unleash your inner art collector and explore the exciting possibility of discovering a hidden gem at the event. With a cap of ₱70,000 on artwork, you'll find a diverse range for every budget. Come browse, get inspired, and maybe even bring home a piece of contemporary Filipino art. Support the talented artists and show your love for creativity within the community. 


You can also get those creative juices flowing at Globe’s customized merch bar. Have one tote bag personalized on-site by a talented Vinyl on Vinyl artist, or customize it yourself! If you’re a prepaid user, simply grab a Go+99 promo on the spot to score this exclusive perk. Postpaid, Platinum, and Globe at Home users can redeem theirs after donating at least five Rewards points to The Hapag Movement.

5. Enjoy Culinary and Musical Delights

Photo of musicians playing to a crowd in Art in the Park 2023.

Relax and listen to tunes from talented musicians that elevate the art-filled atmosphere.

Image Credit: Art in the Park Facebook

Enjoy an array of food and drinks, complemented by live music from OPM band Any Name’s Okay and guitarist Soulful Mood. You can also recharge your devices (and yourself!) at the Globe lounge, a comforting haven complete with a charging station and a coffee stand. If you’re a Globe At Home subscriber, or on a prepaid or postpaid plan, you can fuel up with a complimentary cup and enjoy a free drink. Feeling fancy? Platinum members get to choose from three specialty options!


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