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7 Blockbuster Hits With Strong Female Leads - go!

7 Blockbuster Hits With Strong Female Leads

For your Women’s Month 2022 movie marathon

Women’s Month is here, reminding us that the women in our lives and those who’ve made and continue to make history (#BreakTheBias!) are worth celebrating. But even in smaller ways that seem like indirect contributions, we can see the importance of women showing up, of taking up space, and of telling important stories. This is worth celebrating, too, of course.

Now more than ever, female representation is crucial to advocating for gender equality and improving the image of women. This is especially the case in media, where films can strongly impact how individuals think and feel.

With that in mind, see the list ahead as an invitation. Celebrate Women’s Month—perhaps with a Globe At Home plan or an upgrade to GFiber, so you can binge-watch these titles and other girl power films.

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Lady Bird (2017)

Starring: Saoirse Ronan, Laurie Metcalf, Tracy Letts

Lady Bird tells the story of high school senior Christine who undergoes trials of love and self-discovery while struggling with her relationship with her mother. Over the course of her senior year, she dreams of escaping to a prestigious college on the East Coast—but not without realizing a few things first. The movie tackles themes of appreciating your roots and being grateful to those who have supported you.

"Lady Bird" is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

Roma (2018)

Starring: Yalitza Aparicio, Marina de Tavira, Diego Cortina Autrey

Roma is a drama set in the 1970s that follows the life of a middle-class family’s Mixteco housekeeper named Cleo. As Cleo discovers she is pregnant, the failing relationship between the heads of their family becomes clear.

This heartfelt film touches on social and class inequalities, as subtle hints show the family’s depreciation for Cleo’s work. It also does a great job featuring other factors prevalent at that time, like systematic oppression and racism. 

Stream "Roma" Netflix.

Little Women (2019)

Starring: Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson, Florence Pugh, Eliza Scanlen, Laura Dern, Timothée Chalamet

Based on the classic novel written by Louisa May Alcott, Little Women tells the tale of four sisters and their journey toward womanhood following the civil war. The film shows each sibling’s course in finding love, while grappling with concepts of self-worth, purpose and family.

Out of the six adaptations thus far, Greta Gerwig’s version is perhaps one of the most heartfelt yet—with its less linear timeline, greater emotional arc, and overall inspiring themes still relevant to many women today. 

Stream "Little Women" on Amazon Prime Video.

Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

Starring: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, Pedro Pascal

Wonder Woman is the second installment featuring the DC Comics classic superhero. As Diana Prince maintains a secret identity on Earth, evil forces arise and destroy everything in their way to gain power.

This film is not only a great one for superhero fans, but women evidently are sent a strong message from Diana. Wonder Woman’s character shows unwavering resolve and morals that can help inspire women, young and old, to do the same.

"Wonder Woman 1984" is available to stream on HBO GO.

Charlie’s Angels (2000)

Starring: Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu

Charlie’s Angels features three strong female leads who use their talents, skillsets and brains while in their work for a private detective agency in California. While there are multiple adaptations of this classic title, the 2000 big-screen version is still the most iconic among the bunch.

The film screams female empowerment through thrilling action scenes, clever dialogue and inspiring performances. 

Stream "Charlie’s Angels" on Netflix.

Legally Blonde (2001)

Starring: Reese Witherspoon, Luke Wilson, Selma Blair, Matthew Davis, Jennifer Coolidge

Legally Blonde is about overcoming stereotypes while maintaining the confidence to be true to yourself. A beloved classic, this movie has a lot of cleverly written scenes that will make you laugh out loud.

In the movie, the main character, Elle Woods, eagerly waits for her boyfriend to propose. But when he tells her that she is not smart enough for him, she applies to Harvard University to prove herself and win him back. 

"Legally Blonde" is available on Amazon Prime Video.

A League of Their Own (1992)

Starring: Tom Hanks, Geena Davis, Lori Petty, Madonna, Rosie O'Donnell

The plot of A League of Their Own centers on Geena Davis’ character, Dottie Hinson. This comedy is a fictional twist on the story of an All-American professional girl’s baseball team that struggles to succeed in the big league. This oldie but goodie features relatable female characters who show the importance of compassion, teamwork, and, most importantly, girl power. 

Stream "A League of Their Own" on Amazon Prime Video.

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