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How P-Pop Inspires Pinoy Pride

How P-Pop Inspires Pinoy Pride

You may think that P-Pop only appeals to the younger crowd, but don't write it off just yet. While it boasts catchy tunes that live rent-free in your head, it also features meaningful lyrics rooted in Filipino life that will appeal to everyone. Whether you're a teen, an adult, or older, P-Pop's songs about Filipino culture and values can spark a renewed sense of Pinoy Pride.

The P-Pop Evolution

The Philippine music scene features an eclectic mix that reflects the country's diverse culture. But when K-pop and J-pop took the world by storm, their flashy visuals, infectious hooks, and sharp choreography left an indelible mark on Filipino music. You can see this influence in today's popular P-Pop acts.

1. SB19

SB19 performing live at PIX11 news in New York City.

Chart-topping SB19 redefines Filipino music on the global stage.

Photo Credit: OfficialSB19 Instagram

Trained by a Korean entertainment company based in the Philippines, SB19 has garnered several awards and international recognition. They're not just charting on Billboard; they also scored a Billboard Music Awards nomination.

2. The Juans

The Juans smiling and sitting curbside.

The Juans are known for their harmonious ballads and emotive songs.

Photo Credit: TheJuansOfficial Instagram

Known for their sentimental ballads and rich harmonies, The Juans carved their own niche in the P-Pop world. While they may not follow the idol format, their emotional, relatable music resonates deeply with fans.


P-pop group BGYO posing on the stairs' landing.

BGYO sets the P-Pop stage ablaze with their dynamic performances and unforgettable tracks.

Photo Credit: bgyo_ph Instagram

Emerging from Star Hunt Academy, BGYO quickly gained traction with their energetic performances and youthful charm.


P-pop group Bini posing together for G Music Fest photo series.

Bini's music and visuals blend catchy melodies and choreography with Filipino themes.

Photo Credit: bini_ph Instagram

Also from Star Hunt Academy, BINI is the all-girl counterpart to BGYO and made a significant impact with their debut album "Born to Win."

5. Alamat

Black and white photo of P-pop group Alamat on stage for PPOPCON 2023.

Alamat celebrates diversity through multilingual P-Pop melodies.

Photo Credit: Alamat_Official Instagram

Known for their multilingual performances, Alamat adds vibrancy to the P-Pop scene. The group became the second P-Pop act to appear on the Billboard charts, punctuating their meteoric rise by debuting at #2 on the Billboard Next Big Sound chart. 

If you're eager to dive into the world of P-Pop, you can listen to their music on streaming platforms such as Spotify.

Does P-Pop Inspire Pinoy Pride?

More than just a chart-topping genre, P-Pop acts are redefining what it means to be proudly Filipino in numerous ways. 

  • It represents culture. 

    P-Pop actively weaves elements of Filipino culture into the music, captivating local audiences and educating a global community.

  • It highlights talent. 

    Acts like SB19 and The Juans prove that Filipino talent can shine globally, inspiring pride at home.

  • It's globally recognized. 

    SB19 and Alamat have both ranked on the Billboard charts, transforming these acts into cultural ambassadors for the Philippines. SB19 stands strong even when up against international pop acts in the Philippines, showcasing their resilience in a tough industry.

  • It empowers the youth.

    More than just entertainment, P-Pop can inspire the youth with their empowering lyrics and soaring harmonies.

  • It breaks stereotypes. 

    Success in international arenas helps dispel stereotypes that Filipino music can't compete on a global stage and challenges the notion that Filipinos are only good at doing covers of popular songs.

"Team Tayo" by SB19 and The Juans

P-Pop groups SB19 and The Juans sing about teamwork in "Team Tayo."

Video Credit: TM Tambayan YouTube

The recent collaboration of P-Pop powerhouses SB19 and The Juans is proof of how their songs celebrate Filipino identity. "Team Tayo" captures the Filipino values of Bayanihan and Walang Iwanan, urging listeners to lighten the load by coming together to help one another: "Hirap gumagaan, sa solid na Samahan."

Going beyond just a pop anthem, it encapsulates the collective spirit of a nation known for its resilience, hospitality, and unbreakable sense of community: "'Wag kang matakot, ‘Di ka nag-iisa, Huwag kami mag-alala kami ang kasangga." It's a song of reassurance that no matter the troubles you face, you can overcome it with help from others, making it an anthem for teamwork, unity, and national pride. Musically, the song beautifully captures the best of what P-Pop has to offer with its vibrant instrumentation and soaring harmonies.

Inspiring the Nation, One Song at a Time

The P-Pop world isn't just filled with songs that make you want to sing and dance, it's also a collective celebration of Filipino identity and talent. No matter where you are in the world, P-Pop hits like "Team Tayo" aren't just a good listen; they're a testament to a nation finding its voice.

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