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12 Best Online Art Classes to Spark Creativity from Home

Looking for a new hobby or ways to manage stress? Try online art classes! You don’t need to have “natural talent” or a creative job—just have fun. Express yourself, make a mess, and try new things without worrying about rules. Feel like a child again for a few hours. 


Check out this list of beginner art classes. You can find something that matches your mood, interests, or available time and workspace. With reliable internet connection and materials, you can enjoy creative activities any day.

Drawing Basics

Drawing classes teach essential skills like composition, perspective, and shading. These can help you when you try other visual arts like painting and sculpture.

This is one of the most popular classes in Udemy, with over 450,000 students and a 4.6 rating. The course starts with basics like building forms with lines and shapes and adding shading and texture. It then progresses to more advanced art classes on still life, human figures, and cartoon characters.

Prefer drawing on your gadget? The class teaches drawing and coloring basics, and how to use any digital software. You just need a tablet with a pen.

Jewelry Making

Woman making jewelry while watching online art classes on a tablet.

Once you get the basics of making jewelry, you can find advanced art classes using different materials or techniques.

Jewelry making is a rewarding hobby that results in beautiful, wearable art. Who knows, you may be able to turn it into a side hustle!

Learn basic techniques for making loops, drops, and chains. Discover variations and combinations for unique designs.


The short, 20-minute sessions are clear and easy to follow—even if you’ve never made any crafts before.

Make colorful pendants, pins, and other accessories. The class, which you can complete in about two days, includes how to handle polymer clay and turn it into jewelry.

Hand Lettering

Hand lettering combines calligraphy and illustration. Use this skill to personalize cards and home decor or make monogrammed gifts.

Designed for beginners, this course teaches you how to use traditional calligraphy pens and create different strokes. It sets the foundation for more advanced techniques and makes you feel more confident about buying and using calligraphy tools.

Learn how to turn whimsical doodles and simple lettering into beautiful postcards and posters. Unlike other calligraphy courses, you don’t need to buy special writing tools or inks—just markers or metallic gel pens.

Art Journaling

Photo of art journal pages from the online art class of Dawn DeVries Sokol.

Art journals encourage you to express yourself with words, colors, and images. 

Image Credit: Art Journaling by Dawn DeVries Sokol

Art journaling combines writing, drawing, and collage to create a personal visual diary. It creates a safe and fun space to express your emotions—like art therapy.

Learn different drawing techniques and get journaling prompts to help you capture the simple joys of each day. Each class is just 15 minutes long, so you can sneak in a journaling session during your lunch break!

2. Art Journaling: Four-Part Series ($49.95 or approximately ₱2,995)

If you’re interested in advanced art journaling techniques, this class focuses on how to use mixed media and collage to create vibrant pages.

Crochet and Fiber Arts

Turn thread and other fiber into beautiful (and even useful!) masterpieces, from home decor to stuffed toys. Get the basics, then find thousands of patterns online.


Many people feel soothed by the repetitive movements of knitting or crocheting. Try this hobby if you’re anxious or struggling to fall asleep.

Learn basic stitches and how to read a crochet chart. Then, practice your skills with simple projects you can later sew together to make a cute baby book.


Through this practical, hands-on course, even beginners can start crocheting in just two days.

The course explains everything you need to know to tackle any knitting project: how to do different stitches and patterns, choose different yarns, and sew seams.

Pro-Quality Photography

Man standing outdoors, holding a camera, looking for subjects to practice new photography skills.

Photography classes can help you take beautiful photos for your personal social media accounts, or even for work.

Photography used to be a very expensive hobby, but now you can take amazing photos with a smartphone and edit them with affordable software programs.


Level up your skills with classes that teach professional secrets on composition, lighting techniques, and more.

Get pro tips on how to use light, angles, and framing techniques to take eye-catching pics with your smartphone. You’ll also learn how to use Adobe Lightroom or other free apps to retouch photos.

If you prefer to use a DSLR, this class shows you how to master your camera’s different settings for scenarios like portraits, product shots, and nature scenes.


Aside from the video tutorials, you’ll also get assignments and downloadable resources to help you practice your skills in the field.


Online art classes can help you manage stress, develop your creativity, or learn practical skills that can help you save or earn extra money.


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