What You Need To Know About UPeepz

The internationally recognized dance crew is more than meets the eye

Over the years, dance has become a real sport in the Philippines. Each school and each university has their own crew representing them and the tryouts to get in are always filled to the brim and difficult—no matter how many years you’ve spent in the studio. But while there are several crews that stand out locally, UPeepz has really become a household name.

Image via Facebook/UPeepz

The 2016 World Hiphop Dance Championship

Hailing from the University of the Philippines, dance crew UPeepz has brought pride and international recognition to our humble shores. Last year, the group took the top prize at the World Hiphop Dance Championships, which was held at The Westin Las Vegas Resort & Spa.

UPeepz earned the top score of 8.69 for the MegaCrew Divison. Behind them were Lock ‘n Lol from South Korea and Royal Family from New Zealand, who scored 8.37 and 8.29 respectively.

The winning routine was more than 4 minutes long and the crew had a tough time getting to the trophy. UPeepz joined the same competition in 2014, but only made it to the semi-finals at that time. They were just 0.03 points shy of making it to the finals.

Evidently, the setback did not deter the crew’s determination and they continued to sharpen their talents and their unity. The result is nothing short of amazing.

Sharing the passion

While UPeepz has the resume to show off, the group isn’t above simply sharing its passions. It recently held a dance workshop with Globe to teach those willing to learn a few moves and maybe make a fool out of themselves in the process. It was an experience that all parties will surely not forget any time soon.

We can't wait to hear about and see what they bring to this year's Hiphop International Competition this August 3!

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