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GPlan Guide: Everything You Need to Know

GPlan Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Globe Postpaid

This is your ultimate guide to GPlan

These days, everyone has been cooped up in their homes with smartphones or smart TV as their main companion and tool to stay connected with their loved ones. The sudden shift to a work-from-home setup magnified the need for a reliable and robust internet connection. In fact, some companies even require a minimum download and upload speed for remote applicants.

Whether it’s for work, play or both, a fast internet connection is essential for worry-free surfing. Fortunately, there are different Globe Postpaid plans for every need that lets you enjoy not only a stable internet connection but also other exciting inclusions like all-day calls and texts, access to apps and more. Now, every Filipino can reinvent the life they want with the suitable Globe Postpaid plan. 

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What is Globe’s GPlan?

GPlan is Globe’s most flexible plan ever. It’s the latest postpaid plans that customers, both new and up for plan renewal, can avail. GPlan has replaced ThePLAN, ThePLAN PLUS and TheBASIC PLAN 499 with its bigger and better options that allow you to take better control of your life, especially in the new normal. 

What Features Can You Expect from GPLan?

1. Bigger data allowance

GPlan offers bigger data allocations with a FREE 3GB of GoWiFi, letting you stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues minus the internet connection woes. No more sudden dropped call

2. All-day calls and texts to all networks

For customers whose daily life involves making and taking plenty of calls and text messages, the all-day calls and texts to all networks inclusion ensures your line is always reachable for your loved ones and colleagues. 

3. FREE individual subscription of KonsultaMD with your plan

Customers get to enjoy FREE unlimited access to 24/7 healthcare from licensed specialists at KonsultaMD. So, not only do you get a worry-free internet connection, but you also get to stay on top of your health with just a few taps. 

4. FREE GInsure coverage for 3 months (limited-time promo offer)

To show how much Globe cares for its customers’ welfare, GPlan Postpaid plans come with free three months’ worth of medical or cash for income loss coverage from Singlife through the one-time GInsure voucher code. 

What are the Types of Postpaid GPlans?

Globe customers have the flexibility to choose either a plan that includes a device or use their existing device with GPlan’s Top Phone and Sim-Only Plans. These are the available GPlan packages

1. GPlan with Device

For those who want to be one of the firsts to get their hands on a 5G phone in the Philippines or want to pick from a variety of mobile devices, you can get the device at a discounted price or for FREE with the postpaid plan. 


2. GPlan SIM-Only 

If you want to use your existing mobile devices but want a GPlan postpaid plan, don’t fret. You can still enjoy higher GBs, all-day calls and texts to all networks and the freebies that come with GPlan with the SIM-Only plan. 


3. GPlan with GCash

GPlan powered by GCash (limited-time promo offer) lets customers choose from a range of offers, including vouchers from Globe partner stores, product booster and premium content subscriptions. You can get the plan for your lifestyle with the roster of life enablers provided by GPlan with GCash


What are the Available Contract Periods?

The lock-up periods for GPlan postpaid plans vary depending on the plan and device you choose. GPlan with GCash has a contract of 24 months, GPlan with Device offers 12-, 24- and 36-month contracts while GPlan SIM-Only and GPlan SIM-Only All Data are for a 6-month contract period. 

Where Can You Apply?

Customers can apply for a GPlan of their choice or renew their plans through the following: 

  1. Globe Stores: You can learn more about GPlans and apply directly at your nearest Globe Store
  2. Globe Online Shop: Avail of the GPlan you want completely online. You will receive updates and track your order online, as well. 
  3. GlobeOne App: Customers can also avail of a postpaid plan through the Globe digital companion GlobeOne app.

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How to Apply for GPlan?

1. Prepare your postpaid requirements

Applying for a postpaid plan is fast and easy. Regardless of the application method, you need to provide the following Globe Postpaid plan requirements

  1. Proof of identification: This includes valid IDs with your photo, name, and signature like driver’s license, company ID and other government-issued identification. 
  2. Proof of billing address: The latest copy of your billing statements, such as utility bills or statement of account, are required to validate your billing address. 

2. Proof of financial capacity: You will also need to submit proof of your income (e.g., certificate of employment or Form 2316) to evaluate your capacity to pay. 

Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Select your GPlan Postpaid Plan

To help you pick a postpaid plan fit for your lifestyle and needs, make a shortlist of the GPlan postpaid plans of your choice and evaluate which one would better suit your lifestyle. 

Step 2: Prepare your application documents

Gather the necessary documents mentioned above for a fast and smooth transaction. 

Step 3: Fill out the online application form 

Fill out the application, attach all required documents and then submit through your chosen application method (Globe Store, Globe Online Shop, or GlobeOne App). Wait for the application to be processed. 

Step 4: Wait for updates from us

You’ll receive an update on your application through text or email within seven business days. 

Make Your Life More Productive and Fulfilling with GPlan

The all-new and superior GPlan Postpaid plans let you take charge of your life and level up your digital lifestyle. With the flexible GPlans, staying connected with your loved ones, colleagues or friends and keeping up to date with the trends are now easier. 

Are you ready to experience flexibility like never before? Get started with the Globe Postpaid Plan that suits your needs!


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