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2021 Indoor Summer Activities For Kids Out Of School

Who says grown-ups can’t join in the fun?

With quarantine dragging on indefinitely, we’ve had to push through, adjust and adapt in many aspects of our lives. Being holed up at home 24/7, especially with energetic little ones, has presented new challenges, but with it, precious time we'll never have back with them again. 

With summer about to end, we still have time left to make fun memories with the young ones in our lives without having to step outside. And with apps available for anything and everything, it isn’t too difficult to find entertainment online! Here are creative indoor activities to enjoy while school’s out and even beyond:

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Start a reading program. 

We’re advocating reading for its enduring benefits, like developing a child’s brain to help their ability to focus, plus sparking their imagination while stimulating curiosity. 

For a reading program, you can go old-school and list down a number of books to finish for a certain period, even try playing “library” with real cards and stamps to add to the fun. You can even complete the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge! If you want to try something more structured, try reading apps with a variety of titles like Reading Rainbow, Learn with Homer or Epic! Books for Kids.

Try fun science projects. 

There are endless science-related activities available at ScienceFun.Org to spark the young ones’ imaginations. It’s educational and thrilling at the same time! From creating your own funky lava lamp to making a snowstorm in a bottle and even experimenting with motion through a rocket blast balloon, it’s never-ending! There’s no need to wait for Science class and a (virtual) room full of classmates while distance learning. Everything’s available online with a few items easily available at home or online. 

Learn a new board game. 

Board games will never get old, even for grown-ups! For a screen-free activity for that much-needed break, try these games: Charades for Kids, Candy Land, Jenga, Pictionary, Monopoly Jr. If you want to go old-fashioned, why not try a card game for game night like Uno? 

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