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Love Local Products: Great Gift Ideas for Every Age
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Love Local Products? 10 Great Gift Ideas for Every Age

local products featured at G Fair 2023

The BER months are rolling in, which means Christmas is on the horizon! Minimize the stress of holiday shopping by working ahead on your gifts-to-give list. Dive into the inaugural G Fair on September 23 to 24, 2023 at the BGC Amphitheatre and discover local products that showcase Filipino talent and craftsmanship. Whether you're on a budget or seeking unique gifts, you'll find great gift ideas for all ages that celebrate and support homegrown artisans.

Fun & Young: Local Products for Kids 18 & Below

Baybayin. bags

PHOTO CAPTION: Baybayin's Aguasling Tumbler Bag is insulated and can carry up to 32oz tumbler with space on the other side for essentials.

Grab a mini waistbag or aguasling from Baybayin Bags for your little ones! Born out of a DIY pandemic project, Baybayin Bags handcrafts colorful, functional bags in Cainta, Rizal, using materials sourced in Manila. Their vibrant selection includes totes, slings, and belt bags that are perfect for school or play.

family pottery class at Tahanan Pottery

PHOTO CAPTION: Nurture your child's creativity with Pottery classes from Tahanan Pottery.

Looking to inspire a budding young artist or add some artistic flair to your home? Nab some of Tahanan Pottery's sculpting tools to nurture your little artist. You can also keep an eye out for the next schedule of their children's pottery classes. The brand's one-of-a-kind collection of stoneware and earthenware are all crafted with love and attention to detail—truly local products you can be proud of.

Witty Will Save The World product

PHOTO CAPTION: These cute and relatable sticky notes will have everyone laughing away their stress.

Gift your coworkers with hilarious sticky notes, planners, and notebooks from Witty Will Save the World (also known as Tita Witty). Every working adult  will appreciate the fun-loving Pinoy humor embodied in the brand's stationery. Their quirky pads, stickers, and calendars are guaranteed to lighten the mood and make work days brighter.

Magwai Reef-Safe SPF50+

PHOTO CAPTION: Help reduce chemical pollution with Magwai's all-natural physical sunscreen that contains 100% reef-safe ingredients.

Give your beach-loving teenager the protection and nourishment they need with Magwai's reef-safe sunscreen and hydrating facial bars. Magwai offers homegrown goods that are marine-friendly and sustainable, making these local products kind to the skin and the ocean.

Habi Lifestyle shoulder bag

PHOTO CAPTION: Habi's  bags are made from upcycled woven fabric–stylish for you, your niece, your mom, and even your lola.

Opt for more meaningful gifts this year with Habi Lifestyle's handwoven bags, potholders, assorted coasters, and espadrilles for men and women. They combine responsible fashion and Pinoy pride with 100% locally made, eco-friendly footwear and lifestyle goods. The fashion brand also teams up with communities across the Philippines, from Payatas and Batasan in Quezon City to Marawi and beyond—empowering women, boosting artistry, and promoting education in underprivileged areas.

mink i am booty-ful butt scrub

PHOTO CAPTION: The I Am Booty-ful Butt Scrub works to hydrate, smoothen, and brighten skin.

Looking for body care products that match a spunky personality? Give Mink bestsellers like Peek-ini Bikini Serum, Prettits Boob Mask, and PITSitivity Bundle to your BFFs for body empowerment. Crafted for every bold Filipina, their unique and vibrant product range is carefully formulated to tackle skin impurities so you and your friends can live life confidently.

Timeless Treats: Local Must-Haves for Adults 18 & Up

Lana hydrate & luminate elixir

PHOTO CAPTION: The Hydrate & Luminate Elixir is a bestseller that helps even out skin, minimizes redness, and lightens pimple marks.

Treat your mom, best friend, or sister to pampering presents from eco-friendly skincare brand, Lana PH. This local, skin-inclusive label boasts a zero-waste, low-impact, and cruelty-free philosophy. Aside from beauty products, they also have other sustainable lifestyle products such as ultrasonic portable washing machines, vegan yoga mats, bamboo toothbrushes, and reusable straws.

dried Buri Palm sandals by Sewn Sandals

PHOTO CAPTION: These slip-on sandals feature a fringe upper made from repurposed flour sacks, painstakingly frayed by hand.

Gift loved ones with a pretty pair of footwear that combines style and sustainability. Handcrafted by Filipino artisans, Sewn Sandals are made with natural fibers like Abaca, Buri, Water Lily as well as repurposed flour sacks. From sourcing raw materials locally to weaving in Philippine culture and tradition, their sandals are a full-on Filipino experience.

scented candles by Limi Candles PH

PHOTO CAPTION: The Scented Soy Candle has a premium-grade scent that awakens and invigorates your mornings.

Be holiday-ready with Lumi's luxurious range of scented soy candles, reed diffusers, linen sprays, car fresheners, and electric scent diffusers—eco-friendly gifts that suit anyone's taste. Lumi Candles PH offer premium soy wax candles that are non-toxic, biodegradable, and burn so clean you won't find a trace of petro-carbon soot. They feature scents that lift the spirits and transform any space to create the perfect ambiance at home or at work.

pain au chocolat by Rebel Bakehouse

PHOTO CAPTION: Pair the Valrhona Dulcey Pain Au Chocolat with a cup of hot cafe mocha for cozy afternoons.

Want to give your family and friends mouthwatering baked goods? There's a lot to choose from at Baguio-based Rebel Bakehouse–their pastries are perfect treats for loved ones. Sweet tooths will enjoy their Kitkat Cruffin and Valhrona Dulcey Pain Au Chocolat while savory palates will love the Salmon Escargot or a Spinach Mushroom Danish.

As you gear up for the festive season, dive into the G Fair and elevate your gift-giving game with sustainable products from Filipino artisans. Celebrate the craftsmanship of local products. Be inspired by the entrepreneurs behind the brands and get ready to start your entrepreneurial journey with Globe Business.

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