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How to Load Your Prepaid Mobile Without Leaving Your Home - go!

How to Load Your Prepaid Mobile Without Leaving Your Home

Stay connected and keep your phone load topped up without having to step outside!

Raring to see the outside world again after months of home quarantine? You might want to hold off your plans for now. While restrictions may have been eased in most cities, going out remains a threat, so we’re better off ordering in and staying indoors. After all, we’ve gotten plenty of practice, haven’t we?

By this time, we’ve all become masters of the work-from-home life. From grocery services to banking transactions and bills payment, ensuring all our necessities are taken care of is as easy as tap, tap, tapping away on our phones.

This is precisely why it’s more crucial than ever to make sure our phones are well-equipped with internet data. Thankfully, when data starts running low, purchasing load to keep our connection strong is nice, easy and completely doable online. Ahead, discover all the different ways to top up your Globe Prepaid mobile from the comfort of home!

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GlobeOne is a web and mobile app that lets you buy prepaid load with ease. You can use your email or social media profile to set up your GlobeOne account and immediately start loading up through the app once your account has been set up. You can also enable biometrics log-in for faster access as long as your device supports it.

The GlobeOne app gives you two options to pay for your purchase of either a regular load or your chosen promo: GCash or credit card. Thanks to an authentication process via your GCash number, transactions are secure and worry-free.

GlobeOne is available for Android and iOs.

Online Loading

Online loading is another hassle-free method of adding load credits to your prepaid number. Simply go to Globe’s page for online loading on your browser, type in the number you want to reload, tick the right amount or promo and choose between GCash and credit card as payment method. Once you’ve verified your account details, you’ll immediately receive your prepaid load along with a confirmation message.



An essential online shopping tool, chances are you’re already well acquainted with GCash. Globe’s mobile wallet app is loaded with all the features you could need and want—including the ability to send prepaid load to yourself or other numbers outside of the Globe network. And in case you run out of credit on your GCash, you can cash in funds from your credit or debit card to continue buying load. Even better: You can get cash rebates on your GCash account each time you use the app to buy load.  

GCash is available for Android and iOS.

Mobile apps

What other apps do you have downloaded on your phone? If you’ve got online banking apps like BPI Mobile, digital wallets like Coins, rewards apps like CliQQ or even shopping apps like Lazada and Shopee, good news: You can load your phone up with those apps, too. Simply look for the option to buy prepaid load, enter your mobile number, select the amount and pay for your purchase. 

Heads up, with BPI Mobile, there’s an extra step of entering the One Time Pin (OTP) sent to your registered mobile number for security purposes. 

For more detailed instructions on how to load your phone through different apps, click here.


If none of the methods above work for you, don’t fret—you can still get the load you need by calling in a favor. Ask your family or friends to avail of Share-A-Load to help you out.

Sharing load is just like typing a text message: your friend or a family member only needs to type in the amount of load and send it to 2 + your 10-digit prepaid number. A confirmation will be sent to them, and they need to reply “YES” within 5 minutes to proceed with the transaction. In just a few moments, you’ll receive your borrowed load on your phone.

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The current situation calls for us to keep our distance and remain safe at home. Let’s make it matter by doing more of the things we love and staying connected with the special people in our lives. Stay online and in contact using your prepaid load and mobile data, and keep it consistently (and conveniently) topped up from the safety of home.

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