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Step-by-Step: How to Register a New SIM Card

Step-by-Step: How to Register a New SIM Card

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Now that it’s a requirement for activation, everyone should know how to register a new SIM card.

Do you know how to register a new SIM card yet? Now that SIM registration is law, it's worth learning this skill and keeping it in your digital toolkit. It can help protect you from scammers, spammers, and other suspicious users. Below, find out more about this new government mandate, how it works, and why you shouldn’t opt out. Plus, get a step-by-step guide for registering your new Globe SIM.

What’s SIM Card Registration?

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The SIM Card Registration Act protects against cyber crimes.

The SIM Registration Act, a.k.a. the SIM Card Law, is a Philippine law mandating the registration of all SIM cards before activation. President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos, Jr. signed it into law on October 10, 2022. Since then, the government has urged citizens to follow suit or risk deactivation and penalties.

According to Senator Grace Poe, SIM registration is essential to “[securing] our information and [protecting] our data.” After all, many cyber criminals use unregistered SIM cards to carry out nefarious schemes like financial fraud, because it gives them anonymity. Thanks to this new law, these scammers would ideally be easier to identify, catch, and penalize.

What Happens if You Don’t Register Your SIM Card?

SIM card registration in the Philippines started in December 2022. The national government set July 15, 2023, as the registration deadline for all SIM cards purchased before the law's enactment. Failure to register within that period automatically deactivated unregistered SIM cards, which made them permanently unusable.

Unfortunately, having a deactivated SIM card voids your mobile number, too. You can no longer make calls, send texts, and use data. It also means losing access to your GCash and other digital tools or services that require that information for secure use.

If you purchased a new SIM card after December 2022, you’re free to register it anytime without worrying about a deadline. However, registration is now a requirement for activation. You can only use your new SIM card upon fulfillment.

Who Needs to Register Their SIM Cards?

The government requires all SIM card owners to abide by. If you have multiple, you must register each under your name. This rule applies to all Philippine prepaid and postpaid SIM cards, including those used for pocket WiFi devices. Meanwhile, minors without valid IDs must register under a parent's or legal guardian's name.

How to Register a New SIM Card with Globe

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You can easily register your Globe SIM card through the GlobeOne app, available on Android and iOS.

Globe SIM card registration is a quick and easy process, especially if you go through the GlobeOne app. But that's only one method. Here are other ways to register your new Globe prepaid or postpaid SIM cards.

For Prepaid subscribers

Step 1: Visit Globe’s SIM Registration portal.

Step 2: Enter your mobile phone number and click “Register.” You should receive an OTP (One-Time PIN), which expires within five minutes. Enter it on the website, wait for validation, and proceed with registration.

Step 3: Fill out the required information.

Step 4: Take a selfie and upload your choice of government ID. Accepted IDs include your passport, national ID, driver's license, senior citizen’s card, and more. Click “Attach.”

Step 5: Check the box to agree with Globe's Privacy Notice and Attestation of Completeness and Accuracy.

Step 6: Click “Submit,” and you’re done. Note the reference number that appears on-screen as proof of registration.

For Postpaid subscribers

If you’re on a postpaid plan, your information should already be in Globe’s system, making registration even faster.

Step 1: Globe will send you an SMS to check if your SIM registration details are correct. To make changes, you’ll need to visit a Globe store near you for assistance. Otherwise, you can proceed with confirmation.

Step 2: To confirm, simply text SIMREG to 8080. Globe will send you a follow-up text to complete your registration.

It's that simple! Now that you know how to register a new SIM card with Globe, you can activate and use your mobile number. By completing registration, you safeguard yourself against spam, phishing scams, and other cyber attacks.

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