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5 Exciting New Globe Rewards Features: From Mystery Box Surprises to Reward Missions

Whether it’s freebies or exclusive discounts, Globe continues elevating the mobile user experience with the GlobeOne app. We’re talking new Globe Rewards like free vouchers and mystery box surprises that give us more reasons to stay connected! Here’s a rundown of what’s in store.

1. Welcome Rewards Pack

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The new Welcome Rewards pack comes with vouchers you can use at your favorite stores!

If you haven’t downloaded the GlobeOne app, here’s what to expect: new users will receive a Welcome Rewards pack with three vouchers. Whether shopping online or planning a family weekend, Globe Rewards lets you unlock a new level of fun with over 50 new retail partners.

2. Spend-Based Rewards

Globe Rewards just got a fun new upgrade with Spend-Based Rewards (formerly Missions) to complete badges and other rewards! You can earn more points by completing challenges such as:

  • Paying your postpaid bill
  • Purchasing load or add-ons
  • Registering to your favorite prepaid promos

3. Mystery Box Surprises

Imagine that feeling you get when you’re about to unwrap a present. Mobile users can look forward to the thrill of opening a virtual gift with Globe’s new Mystery Box! Get access to new partner offers every other week and enjoy added benefits.

4. Gamified Scratch Cards

Another new Globe Rewards upgrade to look forward to is the monthly gamified scratch cards. Score a chance to win big-ticket items like a Korean-inspired shoot with Schild Studios or a trip to Japan! With Globe Rewards, you're always a winner!

Globe Rewards Benefits

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From mobile data promos to gas rebates, Globe Rewards lets you turn your every day into epic experiences!

New to the GlobeOne app? Here’s a rundown of how you can maximize your reward points:

  • Data, call, and text promos: Use your Globe Rewards points to subscribe to any of Globe’s unlimited surfing, streaming, and call or text promos.
  • Loyalty programs: Convert your Globe Rewards to points from partner brands, like your SM Advantage Card.
  • Donations: Support your favorite cause and donate your Globe Rewards points to partner NGOs.
  • Payment for ECPay Outlets: Pay with your points at over 185,000 accredited ECPay retailers nationwide! Check your app for a complete list of retailers to see which stores accept Globe Rewards points.

How to Redeem Globe Rewards

Photo of the new Globe Rewards interface.

Get ready to unlock more exclusive freebies, discounts, and prizes.

Globe subscribers automatically earn Rewards points as long as they avail of prepaid promos or postpaid services. You can also earn points when you pay your bills online via the GlobeOne app. To redeem your points, follow these four simple steps:

  • Download the GlobeOne app and register your number.
  • Make sure to join the All-New Rewards program by tapping the "REDEEM REWARDS" icon on the GlobeOne homepage.
  • Under the "Rewards" tab, select an offer.
  • Go to "VIEW VOUCHERS" to use your code.

Now that you’re all convinced to start earning Globe Rewards, there’s no telling where your points will take you! Download the GlobeOne app for exciting freebies and discounts every week and more opportunities to redeem points. Get ready to turn everyday moments into epic experiences, all within your reach. Learn all about the Rewards program in this comprehensive guide.

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