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5 Photo Enhancer Apps for Picture-Perfect Images

5 Photo Enhancer Apps for Picture-Perfect Images

A woman editing a photo on a smartphone.

Any photo can look stunning with editing magic, so treat these photo enhancers as your magic wand.

Image Credit: Adobe Stock

The secret to picture-perfect uploads isn't professional photography skills. Sure, they help—but you can achieve the same results with editing. Improve photo quality, add creative flair, and make your snaps stand out with these beginner-friendly photo enhancers. They're all available on iOS and Android app stores with free-for-all versions, so you can give them a whirl and find what you like.

1. Lightroom

A man using the sliders on a photo editing app.

Use presets to jumpstart your editing process, then fine-tune your images by adjusting their settings one by one.

Image Credit: Adobe Stock

Lightroom is a powerful photo editing and management software by Adobe. It's remarkably easy for photographers and editors at different skill levels to master. While classic Lightroom is desktop-oriented, the mobile app version proves you don't need a fancy editing setup to enhance photos and achieve pro-level results.


The app also offers AI-powered adaptive presets and filters for various media, from photos to reels. It allows you to fine-tune your output with tools for retouching, blurring, removing unwanted objects, and more. Improve lighting and coloring by playing around with brightness, contrast, saturation, and other ultra-specific settings.


Change backgrounds, extend perspectives, add texture, crop images, and trim videos until they're just right. And when you're ready, you can share your work instantly on social media or upload it to the Cloud for easy access across your devices.

2. Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express is the mobile app version of Adobe's flagship image-editing software, Photoshop (PS). It streamlines essential features of its desktop counterpart for more convenient on-the-go editing. And if you’re already familiar with PS, using the app is like muscle memory.


You can expect all the basic editing tools, like crop, rotate, and even red-eye correction, which are endlessly useful when fixing common photo issues. Features like the blemish remover and spot healing help simulate perfect skin while blurring tools shift focus away from busy backgrounds.


Photoshop Express also makes collage creation a breeze with pre-made grid layouts—just drag and drop to compile your favorite snaps. The app also has newbie-friendly graphic design features for added personalization. Add fun text in various fonts, slap on a few stickers, and finish with a custom watermark to protect your work after uploading online.

3. Picsart

Two people editing photos on a laptop and smartphone.

Take advantage of the AI Image Generator to create all-new and imaginative backgrounds for your photos.

Image Credit: Adobe Stock

Picsart does much more than enhance photo quality. It promises to help you "bring your creativity to life with a full suite of AI-powered editing features." Experiment with stylish filters, photo effects, and overlays for on-trend photos, and clean up backgrounds or objects with handy eraser tools. Picsart also curates free images and fonts within the platform, so you can transform your snaps into all-new creations.


The AI aspect of the software manifests in several unique photo improvement tools. One example is the AI Enhance, which lets you sharpen low-quality images with a few taps. There's also the AI Image Generator, which instantly transforms text into images, and the AI Avatar, which generates cool custom avatars based on your existing imagery.

4. Canva

Canva is the definition of an intuitive, user-friendly graphic design platform available on both desktop and mobile. Like PS and Lightroom, its app version seamlessly translates signature features into convenient software for editors on the move. But unlike the other apps on this list, Canva's capacities go far beyond tweaking photos and trimming videos.


While it includes some photo editing tools for brightness, contrast, and saturation adjustments, it primarily focuses on integrating photos into design projects. That said, it's one of the best options for users who want to create visually exciting content without extensive design expertise.


It's called an "all-in-one digital canvas" because it has all the tools necessary for virtually any type of creative work, from social media graphics and decks to invitations and scrapbooks. Choose from professionally designed templates and customize them with elements like icons, shapes, illustrations, and stock photos. With Canva, you can take any photo and totally reinvent it.


VSCO is a legend among photo enhancer apps. It boasts a best-in-class library of 200+ premium quality tools and presets. This gives aspiring photo editing savants plenty to start with. It also has a community-driven social platform called VSCO Spaces, where creators can discover content, spotlight their work, and inspire others to be bolder and more creative.


Apart from standard tools like exposure adjustments and temperature controls, the app has advanced features like selective editing, skin tone adjustments, and built-in GIF makers. The Grain Tool is a user favorite as it recreates the authentic texture of film, giving digital photos an analog touch. Despite the trend of fussy editing, VSCO stays true to its minimalist roots by encouraging users to keep their photos simple and clean but impactful.


Use these mobile photo enhancers to take your snaps from drab to fab. Enjoy lag-free editing, consistent app updates, and easy uploads on the go with Globe's Prepaid promos and Postpaid data plans. Want another pro tip? Upgrade to iPhone 15 for such high-definition pictures that you'll swear you were shooting with a professional camera.

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