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7 Platforms to Help You Pick up a New Skill or Two - go!

Learn in Your Spare Time: 7 Platforms to Help You Pick up a New Skill or Two

Level up through online learning

2022 marks the year of change for many people. It’s the year of blended learning and the year where mask-wearing outdoors is no longer mandated by the government. With all these changes, there’s one trend from the past years that remains relevant: online learning.

Online educational platforms have become all the rage in the era of digital learning. Here, students and professionals alike now use content resources and apps to acquire knowledge on the go, or in their spare time. From interactive language learning to certifications, the five platforms ahead are perfect examples of what can help you sharpen your skillsets one click—or tap—at a time.

LinkedIn Learning

You’ve probably heard of or are using LinkedIn if you’re a professional. Back in the day, LinkedIn was just a social media platform for professionals to connect with each other. It has since evolved not only into a job search website and mini online portfolio for creatives but also into a learning platform. Meet LinkedIn Learning.

This platform boasts a wide array of bite-sized, expert-led courses that cover a variety of topics. Instructors here come with real-world experience so you know you’re learning from the best. Courses include business and technology as well as creative lessons you can turn to in order to beef up your resumé. 

LinkedIn Learning offers a one-month free trial to new users that’s cancellable anytime. Enjoy a monthly membership fee of ₱1,939/month or an annual subscription of ₱969/month. Download the LinkedIn Learning app via the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android.


Nope, Duo is not just a viral TikTok owl; he represents one of the most sought-after language learning apps today. 

Duolingo revolutionized language learning. It offers bite-sized lessons where you can earn points and unlock new levels with every correct answer. It’s a great way to learn real-world communication skills without having to pay astronomical amounts in a traditional classroom setting. Each lesson is tailor-made for you so you can learn just at the right level and pace, using the app’s AI and language science. It features a game-like user experience with fun challenges and persistent reminders from the official mascot, Duo the owl.

Duolingo is free to use both on your desktop and mobile phone. However, a premium subscription is available for an ad-free experience, unlimited hearts, and chances to review your mistakes. Pricing starts at ₱138/month with a 14-day free trial.

Begin your streak today by downloading the app on the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android.


Take your learning to the next level with edX! This American online course provider comes from the great minds of educators and students of Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. edX boasts a wide array of online university-level courses that cater to a plethora of disciplines including technology, communication, medicine, social sciences, and more. This free-to-use platform also conducts research about learning based on how its users interact with the platform.

edX functions with partnerships and contributions from various well-known universities around the world such as Caltech, Tokyo Tech, Seoul National University, Notre Dame, Oxford, and a whole lot more! It also has tech giants providing courses to its users like Meta, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, to boot.

Try edX for free or pay for verified tracks on the platform starting at $50. You may download the edX app on the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android.


Here’s one underrated gem in e-Learning. Upskillist provides practical education and quality learning to its user base as it aims to bring out real-world change among Upskillists and even help companies to upskill on an enterprise level to deliver ROI across businesses.

There are more than 80 courses available on the site, ranging from creative courses to technological and business classes. What’s there to love about Upskillist is that it offers a hyper-specific deep dive into every course it offers; everything you need is right here! It teaches you both hard skills and soft skills so you’re ready for real-world challenges in a professional setting.

Upskillist offers a seven-day free trial for learners and then charges users ​​$34.99 per month afterward. An enterprise plan is also available for businesses both big and small.

Does the worldwide web fascinate you? Have you ever wondered how your computer functions and what allows you to read this article at all? Behind all these technological advancements are building blocks called codes. Learn all about them for free at features lessons designed to consider your level of learning. However, it was developed particularly for students in the K to 12 levels (and then beyond).

Aside from learning material well-suited for students, also offers resources that parents and professors can use to teach their children how to code. They offer learning sets aligned with various personal interests from pop stars such as Lil Nas X and Katy Perry to games like Minecraft.

Your journey to becoming a coding genius starts here at

Google Skillshop

Google seems to have it all—from answers to our weirdest questions to online communication platforms like Gmail and Google Meet. Now, Google offers us ways to learn and get certified with Google Skillshop. 

This site offers free e-learning courses that are designed by Google product experts. These are the people behind our favorite Google apps like Maps, Translate, and Classroom. Google Skillshop lets you learn at your own pace and get certified for it. Most of the training here revolves around Google products that are useful in a business setting, which includes Google Ads, Analytics, My Business, and even Waze. All you have to do is log in with your Google account and browse each available course for free. Then, you can add your certifications on LinkedIn as well as your CV.

Access Google Skillshop’s website and start learning today.


This is, perhaps, one of the most prominent names featured in this roundup. Skillshare has been a top-of-mind platform when it comes to e-Learning but did you know that they also have free courses for you to explore? Typically, Skillshare offers a one-month free trial for subscribers with subsequent payments that start at $14 per month (annual plan). However, the company also offers an array of free courses from video and music production to health and wellness courses.

Skillshare is perfect for members of the Millennial and Gen Z groups looking to expand their horizons in various industries. You can also apply to become a teacher and earn money while helping others sharpen their skills.

Visit Skillshare today to start learning. You may also download the Skillshare app on the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.

There’s so much we can do during our idle time. Learning a new language or picking up a new set of skills may just be for you. With these apps, the era of knowledge and learning lives on in the years to come.

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