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What is GForest and How Does It Work?

What is GForest and How Does It Work?

Take part as GCash takes a revolutionary step towards helping save the environment

As the second-largest archipelago, the Philippines, with over 7,600 islands, is one of the most biodiverse locations on the planet. You can find one of the world’s highest concentrations of wildlife species in the Philippines, where at least 20,000 are unique. Sadly, only 4% of some endemic species’ original forest habitats remain. The country today is losing many of its plant and animal species because of the disruption in its ecosystem. Activities like deforestation, habitat exploitation, mismanaged waste, and pollution pose catastrophic consequences every day.

Seeing the apparent effects of these activities, Globe, in partnership with Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc., The Biodiversity Finance Initiative, WWF-Philippines, Century Pacific Food Inc., Friends of Hope, Inc., and Ayala Land Inc., is taking steps to help the environment using its evolving technological landscape. At the forefront of these efforts is GForest.

If you’re curious to know what GForest is all about, read on. This is how GCash is making strides to help save the environment through its innovations.

About GForest

GForest, found in the GCash app, is a function that allows users to reforest the Philippines—one tree at a time. 

The way it works is simple: for every Globe transaction or eco-friendly activity done via the app, you gain green energy in the GForest section. The green energy can then be used to plant a tree. In addition, you can help rebuild the Philippine forest by adopting a native tree on your own on the app or with other GCash users. 

As of 2022, GCash has planted over one million trees. thanks to its users. Today, the efforts live on. To become a part of the green movement, make it a point to collect your green energy. This is given twice a day after completing certain activities through the app and expires after 24 hours if not claimed.

How to Earn Energy in GForest

Earning energy in GForest is easy. You can get them within 24 hours after a successful GCash transaction that helps reduce carbon emissions. Check out the table below to see the activities on the GCash app that merit green energy and their corresponding monthly limit to boost your GForest performance.

GCash Transaction
Transaction Limit
Green Energy Points


20,000 steps (276g) per day

Buy load

30 per month


Bank transfer

10 per month


Pay bills

20 per month


Cash-in online

10 per month


Send money

10 per month


Save money - deposit

30 per month


Naturally, your GCash must be allowed to track your activity in order to give you the proper energy points at the end of the day. Here’s how you can link your health app to your GCash app.

Linking GForest to health app

The 5-Step Guide to Planting a Tree in GForest

Done setting up your GForest? Now you can start collecting your green energy! Check out the quick and easy steps ahead to learn how to plant a tree using the GForest feature.

1. Open the GCash app and tap the GForest icon.

GCash - GForest icon

2. Read through the User Agreement and tap “I want to help!”

GForest: I want to help! button

3. Allow the app to access your contacts list and health app or fitness tracker so that you can collect green energy.

GForest: Allow Access button

4. Collect your green energy whenever you do green activities. Ensure you gather your earned energy as soon as possible because it expires after 24 hours (like real carbon). Your friends may collect it instead, too. Act fast!

GForest: collect your energy

5. Tap the “Plant” button to see the various types of trees you can plant, how much energy is needed to grow them, the species name, and the description.

GForest: plant a tree
GForest: plant a tree

6. When you’re ready, tap the “Plant Now” button.

GForest: Plant Now button

On to a Greener Globe!

With human actions taking a heavy toll on the Philippine biodiversity, it’s time for something to change. Be part of it with Globe and GCash.

If you’re looking for a way to make small yet significant green efforts, GForest is a great place to start. Discover more by checking out GForest on the GCash app, and contribute to Globe’s efforts to restore the forests in the Philippines.

Art Maurice Zafra

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