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A Camiguin Island Weekend Guide
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A Camiguin Island Weekend Guide

Island with a white cross erected in the sea.

Find out why Camiguin Island should be on your travel bucket list.

There’s no better place to get away than an island getaway, wouldn’t you say? The prospect of sandy beaches, lush foliage, rich history, and delicious local delicacies is so exciting that it’s making us rhyme. While many places in the Philippines fit these criteria, you might want to veer from the obvious. Instead, turn your sights on Camiguin Island.  


Camiguin, also known as the Island of Fire or the Island Born of Fire, is home to seven volcanoes—one of which, Mount Hibok-Hibok, is currently active. Thousands of years of volcanic eruptions shaped the province’s landscape, helping develop fertile soil, relaxing springs, and picturesque rock formations. 


Only 1.5 hours away by plane, it’s a practical choice if you’re looking for a chill but quick weekend away. These must-dos will convince you to book that ticket to Camiguin Island, stat. 

1. Take your pick from Camiguin Island’s white-sand beaches.

Aerial shot of a white sandbar with forests and mountains.

White Island is off the coast of Agoho. You can access it by boat via the capital Mambajao.

Lounging on beaches is a must on any long weekend trip. Fortunately, Camiguin Island has a menu of sandy sights. White Island is by far the most popular. This sandbar is a long strip of white sand surrounded by not only crystal-clear waters but also a panorama of Mount Hibok-Hibok and Old Volcano.


Other options are Agohay Beach and Yumbing Beach, both in the capital Mambajao and both boasting powdery sand and ice-blue waters.

2. Drop by the Sunken Cemetery.

Another popular destination is the Sunken Cemetery, which was featured in the 2007 horror film Ouija, starring Judy Ann Santos and Jolina Magdangal. The eruption of Old Volcano in the 1870s sank a portion of a cemetery, leaving only a large cross above water. It has become a memorial for the submerged graves and the lives lost during the disaster.


You can witness the cross from a viewing deck in Barangay Bonbon, Catarman. Boat services are available to take you closer to the site. You can also snorkel over the debris for an even more intimate view.

3. Cool down at the Santo Niño Cold Spring Beach.

Camiguin Island, known for its abundance of hot springs, is home to the popular Santo Niño Cold Spring Beach. Loved by locals and tourists, this spot features a cold spring pool that can wash away your weekday woes. It also has a beach nearby for double the relaxation.


If you want to spring-hop during your weekend trip, you can also visit Ardent Hot Spring and Tangub Hot Spring. 

4. Gush over the waterfalls.

A waterfall in the middle of a mountain, surrounded by greenery.

Katibawasan is the most popular waterfall in the Camiguin, but make time for the equally stunning Tuasan Falls.

Who doesn’t love a good waterfall? Disney’s Pocahontas (which you can watch on Disney+) makes sure no one takes these formations for granted. Katibawasan Falls is a must for Camiguin first-timers. The water comes from the forests of Mount Timpoong and drops 70 feet into a small lagoon. The falls’ easy accessibility (a trike ride away from Mambajao) makes it a prominent stop. Over the years, authorities have improved the site with paved walkways and sari-sari stalls. 


If you’re a more seasoned Camiguin traveler, check out Tuason Falls and Bingawan Falls. Their picturesque cascades, enveloped by thriving greenery, are equally worthy of your attention.

5. Visit Bura Soda Water Park.

While the combination of pools and natural springs already makes Bura Soda Water Park a notable attraction, the primary hook is its carbon dioxide-rich water, which creates a fizzy effect. Located in Catarman, the park is 30 minutes away from the capital. It also offers picnic areas, so go ahead and spend the entire day here.

6. Enjoy the view from the mountain top.

An aerial view of the lush farmlands on the slope of Mount Hibok-Hibok.

Hiking to the summit of Mount Hibok-Hibok can take three to four hours, depending on your pace.

Do you dedicate your quick getaways to adventure? Camiguin Island has trails designed for all levels of hikers and climbers. In 2019, the local government, the Department of Tourism, and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources launched the Climb Camiguin campaign to promote the province as a plum spot for mountain tourism. 


You can hike through Old Volcano, trek over Mount Hibok-Hibok, and climb Tres Marias, which involves hurdling three peaks. For a more leisurely escapade, you can stick with the Junggo Trail, which leads to tranquil springs and waterfalls.


Make sure to book a reputable guide before embarking on a hike. Hotels and other accommodations in Camiguin usually include these in their offerings. 

7. Don’t miss the Lanzones Festival.

 Lanzones for sale on a table.

If you love lanzones, you’ll love its namesake festival. Enjoy this fruit in various ways.

If you have free time in October, head to Camiguin for your weekend getaway, and don’t miss the Lanzones Festival, which happens in the third or fourth week. Experience Filipino hospitality and creativity at its finest. Not only can you enjoy lanzones in various culinary iterations, but this namesake fruit is also the inspiration behind the colorful costumes and performances.

8. Eat through the delicacies.

>Photo of a soft bun with a rich <em>yema</em> filling and coffee.

Indulge in Camiguin’s famous pastel, a soft bun filled with a yema filling.

Image Credit: VjANDEP Pastel de Camiguin Facebook

Camiguin is famous for pastel, a sweet pastry filled with custard, mung bean, or chocolate. These options are ideal pasalubongs and can give your city-based friends and family a taste of the island. 


However, the best way to enjoy Camiguin’s cuisine is on the island itself. The fertile soil and nearby sea provide easy access to the freshest ingredients. Make Guerrera Restaurant, J&A Fishpen, Beehive Driftwood Café, or La Dolce Vita your pit stops in between adventures.

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