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5 Events to Look Forward to at the Dinagyang Festival
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5 Events to Look Forward to at the Dinagyang Festival

Photo of dancers performing during the Dinagyang street parade.

Experience Iloilo's rich culture and watch the vibrant tribal dances at the Dinagyang Festival.

Get ready to experience the Dinagyang Festival. Celebrated every fourth Sunday of January, this religious and cultural festival in Iloilo City honors the Santo Niño (the Child Jesus). It's known for its energetic street dancing—with performers in colorful, elaborate costumes and headdresses—and rhythmic drumming. The event also includes parades, religious ceremonies, and competitions that showcase the rich culture and heritage of the region. If you've never been to Dinagyang, continue reading to discover the events and activities you shouldn't miss!

When’s the Dinagyang Festival Celebrated?

The Dinagyang Festival started as a one-day religious event in the 1960s. Over the years, it transformed into a fusion of history, faith, and Filipino customs. As the festival evolved, it became a month-long celebration that included a variety of cultural, artistic, and community activities throughout January.


This year, it takes place from January 12 to 28 with the theme Pagdayaw kay Senor Sto. Niño, Padayaw sang mga Ilonggo! (Praise to Señor Santo Niño, the Ilonggos' dance of joy!) But the can't-miss highlights fall on the 26th to the 28th. So, fly in for the weekend and get ready to experience the festival's unique blend of tradition and modernity.

1. Dinagyang ILOmination and Float Parade of Lights

Promotional photo of Tribu Sidlangan from the District of Lapuz.

Watch the parade-style street dance for a dynamic and engaging festival experience.

Image Credit: Iloilo Dingayang Festival Facebook.

The Dinagyang ILOmination is an innovative addition to the Dinagyang Festival. It transforms the traditional dance competition into a parade-type street dance and a procession of illuminated floats. This dynamic and engaging experience combines religious reverence with modern festivities.


Several tribes will be participating in the event, including Tribu Arevalo (Kahirup), Tribu City Proper (Ilonggohanon), Tribu Jaro (Buntag-tala), Tribu Lapaz (Sagasa), Tribu Lapuz (Sidlangan), Tribu Mandurriao, and Tribu Molo (IAFA). Each tribe brings their unique flair and storytelling to the competition.


Immerse yourself in this visually captivating spectacle on January 26, 6 p.m. at Ayala-SM-Megaworld.

2. Kasadyahan sa Kabanwahanan

Promotional photo for the Kaing Festival of the Leon Municipality.

Discover the vibrant tapestry that forms Iloilo’s rich heritage at the Kasadyahan sa Kabanwahanan.

Image Credit: Iloilo Dingayang Festival Facebook.

The Kasadyahan sa Kabanwahanan—also known as the “Festival of Festivals”—showcases the unique customs and traditions of various municipalities. It forms a rich tapestry of Iloilo's heritage, from the Kaing Festival of the Leon Municipality to the Pantat Festival of the Zarraga Municipality. There are about ten festivals for you to feast your eyes on.


Experience the cultural richness of these festivals and learn about multiple heritages on January 27 at 1:30 p.m. in the Downtown area.

3. The Concelebrated High Mass

The festival features numerous significant religious events, from the Fluvial Procession and Solemn Foot Procession to the Novena masses and the Grand Religious Sadsad.


The spiritual celebrations culminate with the Concelebrated High Mass, often held in the early morning. This solemn liturgical service features multiple priests joining to celebrate the Eucharist, emphasizing unity and reverence in the Catholic faith.


Take part in the solemnity and reverence of the Concelebrated High Mass on January 28, 6 a.m., at the San Jose Parish Placer.

4. Dinagyang Tribes Competition

Photo of young dancers practicing for the Dinagyang Ati Tribes competition.

The return of school-based tribes makes this year’s Tribes competition more special.

Image Credit: Iloilo Dingayang Festival Facebook.

The Dinagyang Tribes Competition is a central and thrilling part of the festival, where various tribes compete in lively dance performances. This year, school-based tribes are returning for the first time since 2020. This comeback adds fresh energy and excitement to the event.


The dancers wear intricate costumes and body paint to resemble the Ati tribe and perform a choreography that tells a story of devotion and history. Their performance creates a visual spectacle that's both stunning and meaningful.


Immerse yourself in the energetic routines and elaborate costumes on January 28, 8 a.m., in the Downtown area.

5. Sadsad sa Calle Real

The Sadsad sa Calle Real is an interactive street dancing event that lets you join the performers in their celebration. Participating tribes include Tribu Aninipay, Tribu Ibata sa Paghiliugyon, Tribu Molave, Tribu Panaad, and Tribu Parianon. You can dance alongside the tribes and become part of the festival's energy and joy as the celebration continues downtown.


Move to the beat and dance to the spirited choreography on January 28, 3 p.m. at the Iloilo Freedom Grandstand and Downtown area.

Dinagyang Festival Tickets: Where to Buy Them

Get tickets for the Kasadyahan sa Kabanwahanan and Dinagyang Tribes Competition to secure your spot at these impressive events. Here are some places to purchase your tickets:

For detailed routes and schedules, check out the official Dinagyang Festival website.

Embrace Tradition, Faith, and Community

The Dinagyang Festival is more than just a celebration; it's a vibrant expression of culture, history, and faith. From the energetic Tribes Competition to the spiritual High Mass and Sadsad, every festival aspect paints a vivid picture of Iloilo's rich heritage. Whether dancing in the streets or observing solemn rituals, Dinagyang offers an unparalleled experience of community and tradition.


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