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66 Visa-Free Countries Filipinos Should Prepare to Visit Next

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Did traveling start to feel foreign to you when the COVID-19 pandemic hit? If it did, you aren’t alone. According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the estimated loss in the global GDP amounted to over $2 trillion because of travel restrictions in 2020 alone. With borders now easing up, though, people are bouncing back and once again traveling. 

Filipino wanderlusts, no doubt, are looking for new adventures. They’re eager to book flights and go to places, perhaps even strategically looking at travel destinations that do not require a visa. Want in and need a list of these visa-free countries? Scroll through! 



The independent and oil-rich Brunei is the most devoutly Islamic country in Southeast Asia, boasting several stunning mosques. Outside Islamic prayer times, appropriately dressed visitors are welcome to enter these sites.

In Brunei, Filipinos are welcome to stay up to 14 days without a visa. However, if you plan to stay longer—with months being the maximum length of your stay—the Bruneian government requires a visa that you can procure from the Brunei Embassy.

Here are other visa-free countries in Asia and the allowed duration of stay without a visa.

Cambodia — 30 days

Hong Kong — days

Indonesia — 30 days

Kazakhstan — 30 days

Kyrgyzstan* — 1 month

Laos — 30 days

Macao — 30 days

Malaysia — 30 days

Maldives* — 30 days

Mongolia — 21 days

Myanmar — 14 days

Nepal* — 90 days

Pakistan** — 30 days

Singapore — 30 days

Sri Lanka** — 30 days

Taiwan — 14 days

Tajikistan* — 45 days

Thailand — 30 days

Timor-Leste* — 30 days

Vietnam — 21 days


Cape Verde Islands*

Cape Verde is perfect for travelers seeking exciting and rewarding adventures. If you like hitting the waters, you can explore the Boa Vista and Sal islands. There are also many thrilling outdoor activities, including horseback riding or quad biking while sightseeing. To note: visitors with Philippine passports can get a visa upon arrival in Cape Verde.

Here are other visa-free countries in Africa and the allowed duration of stay without a visa.

The Comoro Islands* — 45 days

Cote d'Ivoire — 90 days

Guinea-Bissau* — 90 days

Madagascar* — 90 days

Malawi* — 90 days

Mauritania* — 90 days

Mauritius* — 60 days

Morocco — 90 days

Mozambique* — 30 days

Rwanda — 90 days

Senegal — 90 days

Seychelles* — 3 months

Somalia* — 30 days

Tanzania* — 3 months

The Gambia — 90 days

Togo* — 7 days

Uganda* — 30 days



Brazil is a cultural wonder home to seven natural and 14 cultural UNESCO World Heritage Sites. A tourist visa to Brazil is not required for Filipino citizens, however, it’s good to keep in mind that the longest possible stay here is three months. (Before you fly out to see Brazil and what it has to offer, check out Globe’s reliable traveler SIM to ensure you stay connected with your friends and family.)

Ahead, find the other visa-free countries in the Americas and the allowed duration of stay without a visa.

Bolivia — 90 days

Colombia — 90 days upon arrival; can extend another 90 days (180 days total)

Costa Rica — 30 days upon arrival; can extend another 60 days (90 days total)

Nicaragua* — 90 days

Peru — 183 days

Suriname — 90 days



Looking for another UNESCO World Heritage Site to marvel at? Look no further than Barbados. This tiny island in the Caribbean has attractions that boast a combination of history and architecture. The Philippine passport is visa-free in Barbados for up to 90 days.

Here are other visa-free countries in the Caribbean and the allowed duration of stay without a visa.

Dominica — 21 days

Haiti — 3 months

St. Lucia* — 6 weeks

St. Vincent and the Grenadines — 1 month

Trinidad and Tobago* — 1 month

Middle East


Did you know? Armenia’s history traces the roots of civilization and goes back before the Bronze Age. It was the first nation to make Christianity its official religion and is home to the most stunning churches in the world. Some of the churches to check out include the Khor Virap Monastery, Noravank Monastery, and Echimiazin Armenian Apostolic Church. Filipinos can stay here for up to 120 days without a visa.

Here are other visa-free countries in the Middle East and the allowed duration of stay without a visa.

Iran* — 30 days

Israel — 3 months

Palestinian Territories



The tiny nation of Tuvalu only has an estimated 11,192 people. It has one of the most lenient visa policies, making it the perfect next destination for an overseas trip. Philippine passport holders can stay in this secluded paradise for up to a month.

Here are other visa-free countries in Oceania and the allowed duration of stay without a visa.

Cook Islands — 31 days

Fiji — 4 months

The Marshall Islands* — 90 days

Micronesia — 30 days

Niue — 30 days

Palau Islands* — 30 days

Papua New Guinea* — 60 days

Samoa* — 60 days

Vanuatu — 30 days

*Visa on arrival

Visa on arrival means that visitors can obtain a visa when they arrive in the country and do not need to apply in advance.

** Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)

For some countries, an eTA may be necessary for visa-exempt foreign nationals. This increases visibility and security by screening travelers before they arrive.

See The World This Year

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