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Globe-Bayan Integration | Help & Support | Globe

Globe-Bayan Integration

Why did Globe and Bayan decide to integrate?

The Globe and Bayan integration was done to further improve both companies' services through planned synergies, building on each company's strengths.

What will customers get from the integration?

This will result in a stronger company that is more competitive and responsive to the various needs of customers. Bayan customers will have access to offers that are the best in the market. Both Globe and Bayan customers will have an experience that's the best the two companies have to offer.

Do we (customers) need to do anything or take any action as a result of this development?

No, there's no action required from you. The partnership won't affect the services that we (Globe and Bayan) deliver to our customers.

Will Bayan services remain?

Yes, the products and services that customers are getting from Bayan will continue to be provided.

Will the monthly fees of Globe and Bayan customers change?

The monthly subscription fees won't change throughout the duration of the contract.

Will we still receive our Bayan bill?

Yes, you'll continue to receive your bill, but it will follow the Globe billing statement design.

Will there be changes to our account's lock-up?

All Globe and Bayan contracts are valid and will continue for the duration of the contract.

Will there be changes to our account's contract period?

All Globe and Bayan contracts are valid and will continue for the duration stated on the contracts.

Will there be disruptions in service with the two companies integrating?

There won't be any service interruption, and you can enjoy your services as usual.

Will the phone numbers of Bayan or Globe landline customers change?

Your Bayan landline numbers will remain the same.

Can I change my plan from Bayan to Globe?

You can change to a Globe Home Broadband plan as long as the Globe network is available in your area.