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HomeSHARE FAQ - Globe Help & Support


Because we're constantly improving our product offerings, we wish to inform you that HomeSHARE and HomeWATCH promos will no longer be offered to Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi customers starting July 1, 2022. Don't worry, because the new FamSURF promo that is shareable to UP TO three other TM, Globe Prepaid, Globe MyFi, Globe Postpaid, or Globe Platinum numbers will be available starting June 3, 2022. Data can be shared ANYTIME from modem to phone plus it comes with an additional GB for Watch, Learn, Chat, and Earn apps like Netflix, YouTube, Zoom, and more!

Home Prepaid WiFi: HomeSHARE

What is HomeSHARE?

HomeSHARE is the newest Home Prepaid WiFi promo offer with high GBs for all sites that can be shared with up to four (4) mobile numbers. This promo allows the sharing of data with Globe Prepaid, Globe MyFi, TM, Postpaid, Platinum, and even Home Prepaid WiFi!

What HomeSHARE promo can I avail?

You can register to any of the following shareable data offers for everyone!


Up to 25GB valid for 7 days for P199.

20GB shareable + 5 GB for Watch, Learn and Earn.


Up to 45GB valid for 7 days for P299.

40GB shareable + 5 GB for Watch, Learn and Earn.


Up to 65GB valid for 15 days for P599.

50GB shareable + 15 GB for Watch, Learn and Earn.

How do I register to HomeSHARE?

Home Prepaid WiFi users who wish to share GBs to other Globe or TM can register to HomeSHARE via the New Globe one app and Globe At Home app. Once you have successfully registered, you should be able to receive a text notification via the GUI.

Is there a maximum number of members I can enroll to my HomeSHARE promo?

Yes. HomeSHARE is shareable with up to four (4) members so as the owner, you can only enroll up to 3 other members from Globe Prepaid, Globe MyFi, TM, Postpaid, Platinum, or Home Prepaid WiFi.

What is a HomeSHARE Owner and Member?

A HomeSHARE Owner is the subscriber that registered and paid for the HomeSHARE promo. He can:

  • Add and remove members who can share in the HomeSHARE data allocation
  • Set data limit for HomeSHARE members
  • View and track data usage of all HomeSHARE members
  • Opt out from the HomeSHARE promo via the Globe At Home app or new GlobeOne app

Meanwhile, a HomeSHARE Member is added by the Owner so that he can share in the promo's data allocation. He has the ability to:

  • View promo validity
  • Leave the HomeSHARE group
  • All promo modification activities will be done via the Globe At Home app or the new GlobeOne app

Can I register to HomeSHARE and to other prepaid promos at a given time?

Yes, you can still use HomeSHARE alongside your favorite data promos. Take note that your HomeSHARE data wallet will be used up before the data wallets of your other promos.

What happens when I register to another HomeSHARE offer while my other HomeSHARE promo is still active and valid?

Your group members will still be there and the set data limits will follow the settings of your previous registration. You may increase the data limit settings of your group by going to the Manage Group Data section of the new GlobeOne app or the Globe At Home app.

How do I check how much data I have left for my HomeSHARE promos?

You can check this via our digital channels (new GlobeOne app and Globe At Home app).

As a member of a HomeSHARE promo, how will I be able to view my usage?

Members are proactively notified about their usage through the threshold notifications sent via SMS. A member will receive a message once they reach 80% and full exhaustion of the set data limit. Note that this is only applicable if the promo owner sets a data limit to each member.

How will I know if my HomeSHARE promo has expired?

Both promo owner and member will receive pre-expiry and expiry notifications via SMS.

What will be the data usage hierarchy between HomeSHARE and my other data promos?

Hierarchy will be as follows:

  • HomeSHARE Freebie allocation
  • HomeSHARE/Surf4ALL allocated data
  • HomeWATCH / HOMESURF Freebie allocation
  • HomeWATCH / HOMESURF allocated data

What happens when members have reached their allocated limit?

Member's usage in HomeSHARE will stop (SMS notifications will be sent) and succeeding data usage will be deducted to the next available promo. If there is no other active data promo, pay-per-use rate will apply.

Can a subscriber be a HomeSHARE owner and a member of a different HomeSHARE group at the same time?

Yes. An owner can also be a member of another active HomeSHARE promo, and vice versa. However, a subscriber cannot be a member of more than one HomeSHARE group at a given time.

As a HomeSHARE member, how come I was not able to fully use up the data limit set to me?

Note that HomeSHARE is a shared data pool of 20GB that the owner and members can simultaneously use; it is not giving exact GBs to members that they can use for themselves. An owner can set data limits to control or cap the use of each member from the 20GB data pool, but it does not mean that the data limit is a fixed allocation to a member. Thus, it is possible for the 20GB to be fully exhausted by the owner or a member with no data limit that is a heavy data user.

Can I still change the set data limits of my HomeSHARE promo?

Yes, you can. As long as your promo is still valid and your remaining data allowance can accommodate the changes. Keep in mind that changing the previously set data limits does not mean resetting your members' previous consumption back to zero.

As an example, member 1 has used up his assigned data limit of 3GB. If you change his data limit to 5GB, that means he can use 2GB more from the data wallet.

What is the difference between HomeSHARE and SURF4ALL?

HomeSHARE is an exclusive offer to Globe Home Prepaid WiFi that offers more data for you! You have more data to share with your members plus have additional freebies to enjoy with your promo availed.