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Weekly Prepaid WiFi Load Raffle Promo - Globe Help & Support

Home Prepaid WiFi x MyFi: Weekly WiFi Load Pa-Premyo via GCash

What is the promo all about?

The Weekly WiFi Load Pa-premyo Raffle gives Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi and Globe MyFi customers the opportunity to win up to P50,000 GCash Cashback upon purchase of eligible Prepaid WiFi promos.

Who is eligible for the promo?

This promo is open to existing and new users who purchase Globe Home Prepaid WiFi & Globe MyFi load products through Buy Load in the GCash app.

How do I join this promo?

Customers can join the promo when they purchase select Prepaid WiFi promos in the Buy Load page of the GCash app.

What are the eligible Prepaid WiFi promos to join the raffle?

Select Broadband HomeSURF, SURF4ALL or HomeWATCH promos in GCash Buy Load page will earn one (1) corresponding raffle entry for a chance to win the cashback reward. Eligible promos below.


















How many raffle entries do I get per transaction?

One transaction is equivalent to only one (1) raffle entry. Only eligible Broadband HomeSURF, HomeWATCH and Surf4ALL promos purchased through the Buy Load Broadband tab in the GCash app will earn raffle tickets.

How do I know what is the applicable draw date for my transaction/s?

You may base it on your transaction date. Period coverage per raffle draw date is as follows:

Coverage | Raffle Draw Date:

  • July 10 -16, 2021 | July 19, 2021
  • July 17 - 23, 2021 | July 26, 2021
  • July 24 - 30, 2021 | August 2, 2021

What are the prizes if I win the raffle and how many winners will be awarded?

Weekly Prizes:

  • 30 winners: Php 1,000 Cashback
  • 10 winners: for Php 5,000 Cashback
  • 2 winners: Php 50,000 Cashback (Must be Fully Verified user)

I transacted last week and bought Globe Home Prepaid WiFi & MyFi load products but I did not win in the raffle draw for that week. Can I still win for this week's raffle?

For your transaction to qualify as an entry, the transaction date must be included in the coverage period for a specific draw date.

How will I know if I won for a given raffle draw date?

GCash will notify the winners through an SMS notification that they won the next day following the draw date.

When will I receive my prizes if I won?

Corresponding prizes will be credited to the GCash account of the winners within 5 business days.

How can I qualify for the P50,000 cashback prize?

You must be a Fully Verified user of GCash at the time of the transaction to be eligible for this prize amount.

Will I still be eligible for other prize amounts even if I am not a Fully Verified user?

We strongly encourage you to fully verify your GCash account to enjoy all the benefits of the app. However, yes, you still have a chance to win either the P1,000 or P5,000 cashback amount even if your account is not Fully Verified.

I want to qualify for the P50,000 cashback. How can I get Fully Verified?

You may visit this FAQ page for the detailed process on how to be a Fully Verified user.

Is there a limit on how many times I can win?

A unique customer can only win once. However, this is limited only to the unique customer's registered GCash account and Home Prepaid WiFi or MyFi pair. A unique customer is determined by GCash in accordance with the  information submitted during GCash account registration and/or identity markers used by GCash against its entire GCash base. For example, a customer who uses multiple account(s) or SIM(s) will be treated as one unique customer.

Is there a limit in the number of transactions I can do to join the raffle?

The only limit applicable for a raffle entry per transaction is the availment of the eligible broadband promos purchased through the Buy Load Broadband tab in the GCash app. Other than this, you may transact as much as you want for more raffle entries given a coverage period. Your GCash wallet limit will apply as well. This is depending on your verification status for your GCash wallet.

GCash is also having its own raffle, will I be eligible to participate and win in that promo?

Yes, this promo is an exclusive for HPW and MyFI customers in GCash. If GCash has their own raffle promo, you are also eligible to participate in that promo.